One of my true weaknesses is opposing flavors. Sweet and sour, spicy and sweet, and of course my love for sweet and salty. The perfect combination of amazing-ness.

When I was planning on putting in my order to Red Leaf Tea, they had caramel popcorn matcha on sale and I figured why not. After opening the package the aroma filled my nose. I was in heaven…All the buttery notes of popcorn caught my attention and were soften with the creamyness of caramel. I thought theres no way it can actually taste the way it smells. I planned to prepare it traditionally and added a couple ounces water with two bamboo spoonfuls of matcha. After whisking for a good minute, a nice frothy foam formed and finally time for the first sip!

The taste was delicate and had the perfect balance of butter and sweet creamy caramel. A bit of the matcha flavor came through, but I barely detected any bitterness or vegetal flavor. Now that I knew what it tasted untainted, it was time to turn it into my favorite style, tea latte. I warmed up some vanilla soy milk and just a touch of agave. I normally sweeten my teas with Truvia, but I figured the agave flavor would add more emphasis to the caramel.

At this point is where this matcha truly shined. The touch of milk and sugar brought out the flavors even more. It was like a warm cup of salty, creamy, buttery, caramely goodness. I also equally enjoy this matcha as an iced latte. When I’m in a hurry before muay thai or jiu jitsu practice, I throw everything in my magic bullet and voila! tons of foam and a latte under a minute. This is the perfect alternative to any energy drink and it’s became my favorite ritual of the day before practice.

I definitely recommend this flavor to anyone who loves sweet and salty or loves caramel. You can purchase this match from:

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