If there has ever been a tea that I wanted to be amazing, it would be this tea. I wanted it to be SOOO good, after a somewhat crappy day from school and whatnot. But to my disappointment this tea was…… I don’t want to say awful but, it was not in anyway good. I stepped it in boiling water for 4 minutes, following the instructions, and added a bit of milk. I took one sip and was quite surprised (not in a good way). I was praying that my taste buds were off or something and that the second sip would be good, but the taste was the same. Maybe the milk was off, but I highly doubt out. The tea had this weird metal taste, almost as if the tea had gone bad, and I don’t know maybe it had, but I had just bought it a couple days before…. I don’t know. Maybe it’s me and I messed up, or maybe the tea has gone bad. Anybody have ideas on what maybe went wrong?

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I’m rather new to this world of tea – I was only introduced to it in the summer of 2014, though I’ve always enjoyed the straight teas from Asia, mostly oolongs and green teas, that my family sends every now and again. I’m still a student so I haven’t been able to branch out to a ton of different places, but as soon as I can order things online I foresee my tea cabinet filling up quickly.

My favorite note is coconut, but I’m struggling to find a tea that lets coconut shine (so if anyone has a recommendation please tell me!). Other notes I like are vanilla, maple, peaches, apple, mint, nuts, caramel, chocolate, and a lot of other ones. Notes I’m not to particularly fond of are banana, a couple florals (mostly rose and lavender), and hibiscus (in most teas at least). I’m sure as I try more teas I’ll discover more things I like and don’t like, but this is my initial list.


Massachusetts, USA

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