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After reading all the stellar reviews on this Matcha I contacted DoMatcha for a few samples to taste. However there really is not anything particularly brilliant about this matcha other than its colour. While many say this is not a bitter Matcha it really depends on how you prepare it. To be fair my samples came in tight little tubes and unless you sift that powder it will be clumpy no matter how hard you whisk it. It is a good Matcha, but far from a great Matcha.


The bulk matcha is much better! I agree though… while I would not say that there are matchas that are definitely better out there (that I’ve tried), I would definitely say that it’s better than some. So far for me there’s substandard matcha- then everything else. Pretty black and white:)

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All I could taste was Rootbeer, and not very good rootbeer either. Fail!

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I sampled all of Tao of Teas Tulsi Tea’s at this years World Tea Expo and was really impressed with this unique taste. As a non-caffeinated night time hot drink I really enjoy this right before bed. There are subtle hints of clove in this tea that kind of remind me of drinking a coke.

Geoffrey Norman

I actually bought both of their Tulsi options in bulk from the Tao of Tea shop. The Rama is my favorite, but I haven’t tried blending the two (or three?). Add them to a chai, you’ll be glad you did.

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This has the honor of not being the first Matcha I have ever tasted. While it is better than some I have had it is not high quality. I enjoy most of the teas I get from Tao of Tea but this is only a little better than average.

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Fresh from the World Tea Expo I attended a focused tasting of White & Oolong teas hosted by Jane Pettigrew. Hands down this is the best White Tea I have ever tasted. Selling at $300 a pound it is without a doubt a luxury tea. The Mauka Oolong was way up up there as well. Worth checking out this great farm!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Sounds amazing…jealous

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This tea is like Communism. Good in theory, the craps in practice. Perhaps its the quality of the Matcha they used in this blend but basicly its like drinking any ordinary Jasmine tea, except this one has a colour closer to muddy water. Yes its brown not green.


This sounds delicious!

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With all the lilacs blooming in my neighbourhood its hard to smell this tea properly. The flowery smell is not overpowering like some Tie Guan Yins Ive had. It is more on the grassy side than flowery. Very nice still.


This is one that I will have to look for the next time I’m in my local Whole Foods. My favorite of Tao of Tea (so far!) has been the Nepal Oolong – which was absolutely exquisite.

CMT 雲 山 茶

Hmmm, didnt know Nepal produced any Oolong.

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Really complex taste. First gulp has a sour milk taste mixed with wood ash, mmm yummy. After taste is a lingering toasted chocolate with a bit of lapsang souchong. Need to drink much more of this to form a better opinion, but I like it so far.

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The infused leaves have a slight sweet smell while the brew leans more towards a black tea taste rather than green. Pleasant and not bitter but as I dont drink black tea I would give a pass on this as a daily drink.

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While I would take a pass at most of the Teas Met offers, there selection of flavored Rooibos is really good. This tea tastes like a dessert.

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To truly enjoy a great cup of tea, we should be there with the tea-not off thinking about the past or the future…even what we will say about the tea.

-Master Ling Ping Xiang



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