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This is the tea I drink the most. It is also, I believe, one of the most used teas in Holland (where I live). Where usual teas here come in packages of 20, this one comes in boxes of 50. It is pretty much the Dutch (and probably more countries) equivalent of English Breakfast Tea. However, it doesn’t actually taste all that much like English Breakfast tea. It is, I think, quite a bit fuller and stronger. My British friend told me, after tasting it, it has a bit of a lemon-y taste to it, but it’s an infinitesimal hint of lemon and nothing very elaborate. One bag is, as per usual, enough for a strong cuppa. Especially if you’re a barbarian like me and just leave the bag in. I put in the sugar, let it steep for at least 5 minutes before putting in the milk. It tastes great with milk, I daresay, better than English Breakfast Tea even. It is, the taste of home for me and something I will always drink.

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My eldest daughter spent a bit of time in Europe and started drinking Pickwick green tea. She was very sad that you can not buy it in the US unless you order a whole case on Amazon! It is her favorite green.

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Every autumn it hits me again: the strong urge to get a strong cup of this tea with 2 sugars(or more, I am known for my sweet tooth). It’s simply one of my all time favourites, especially when the weather calls for it. One tea bag makes a strong cuppa and both the flavour and the aroma are amazing. That is, if you like cinnamon. This tea combines cinnamon, apple and a hint of vanilla. It has a rich flavour and is quite a strong tea. But again, if you don’t like cinnamon, don’t do it! But if you do, one strong cup is like liquid Autumn.
P.S Herst Storm translated is literally Autumn Storm
P.P.S I set 5 minutes as steeping time, but being the barbarian I am, I usually just leave the bag in.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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A young Dutch lover of tea. Where most students lose themselves in coffee, I’d rather make myself a cuppa Rosie. Not as much tea-connoisseur as merely an enjoyer of tea. Favourite pass-times are reading, writing, drawing, listening to a broad variety of music and watching British tv shows.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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