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This is an example of how to get the most flavor out of a loose leaf tea. It’s naturally sweet and packed with citrus (though it was more lemon than orange in my opinion). I could tell from the first sip this was a solid green tea.

I was thrown off by the tea smelling a lot like Pine Sol. Appearance of the tea also threw me. This appeared to be more of a light black tea than a green. The color scheme might have been from one of the ingredients, no clue which one though.

It’s in the average price range for Rishi at about $4/oz. If you can get past the aesthetics, this is a solid tea that would probably be best iced, unsweetened.

Full review here: http://theteablag.blogspot.com/2011/01/its-trap.html

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Awake is like the Two-Buck Chuck of tea. Sure, it’s a staple in many households, but it isn’t all that special. You can buy a lot of of for a relatively low price and it gets the job done, caffeine-wise. There was still bitterness and acidity that lingered throughout the brew. It’s better than Lipton, but by no means is it a “great” alternative. We’d compare it to being some sort of middle-man: a great tea mixed with water from a dish rag.

Full review here: http://theteablag.blogspot.com/2010/12/once-you-go-black.html

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On a scale from 1 to bad… this tea is worse than Lipton. Where was the pomegranate flavor? More than likely it was lost in the orange and banana flavorings this tea tried to pass off as “Pizzaz”. This is like drinking a bad, watered-down girlie drink. Ugh.

Full review here: http://theteablag.blogspot.com/2010/12/home-for-tea-holidays.html

Bigelow Tea

Sorry to hear that you disliked this flavor! If there is another Bigelow Tea flavor you want to try, contact us for some samples. Call 1-888-244-3569.

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Randomly saw this in my pantry and brewed some up. To me, the taste is very close to watered-down Throat Coat while chewing Double Mint gum. It’s not a “bad” taste profile…but I wouldn’t consider drinking it every night to go to sleep. Plus, the flavors only come out if you steep the bag more than 10 minutes. Not a big fan of this whole “waiting” thing.

Upside though: there’s a bear on the packaging.

Full review here: http://theteablag.blogspot.com/2010/12/boring-tea-is-boring.html

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This black, spiced tea was more reminiscent to apple cider. It had a cinnamon finish and, with a little honey, tasted like Fall (sans brandy).

Full review here: http://theteablag.blogspot.com/2010/12/procrasteanating.html

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