2003 Xiaguan Crane Mark Ripe

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From White2Tea

Stored for 12 years in Guangdong dry storage, this Shu Puer tea is fragrant and has a cool feeling in the mouth. It’s age should be apparent in the flavors. The soup of the tea is transparent and a brilliant ruby red color. An excellent example of quality shu with over a decade of age.

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5 Tasting Notes

10916 tasting notes

Figure sine today is going to be a little bit of a lazy saturday – husband is away all day racing, so it’s just me and the dog on a rainy toronto day, that i should have a little puerh today. I’ve been trying to get back in to exercise, so after a run and a bike ride the past couple of days it feels like to have a day to not do much of anything. Maybe some tv….tea..chili making and lemon cheesecake muffin making…but overall just playing with the dog and relaxing.

So fa this one is sort of middle of the road for me. it’s got a good smoothness to it and there’s a little creaminess coming through. it’ll be interesting to see if this has any complexity to it in later steeps.

(thanks for sending this my way omgsrsly!)


What kind of racing does he do? We hit the dragstrip from time to time.


Heh he races bikes – cycling :)


Got ya.


Sigh.. I have a cold, so no racing for me.

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1040 tasting notes

Smokey – salty caramel

Several steeps in and it’s still too smokey to drink.

I don’t like this


Interesting. Smokey?! I totally didn’t get smoke from this one. I have aired mine out since I packed yours up, though. Open bag in my puerh bag.


This has been sitting on the table unwrapped since I got it. To me this is as – or more – smokey than a lapsang. Almost undrinkable…. I’m going to try again with way less leaf and see what happens.


Did I mis-label it? I don’t understand why I’m not getting smoke, if you say it’s that smokey. :/ Every other note said “smoke”, too.


My piece looks like half a doughnut….I would think your piece should sort of match this one… Dunno, I did 7g in my fairly large easy gaiwan and it was REALLY smokey even with flash steeps.


Mine’s all broken up in a baggie. Smells like pretty much nothing.


Now I’m sniffing the other teas I have…


Yep. Most of my other cakes and bricks smell like various levels of funk and mustiness and “puerh”. This one smells nothing like any of them.

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2237 tasting notes

I don’t get any smoke from this. It’s a pretty mild shou, much like one of the other descriptions. A little nutty, a little creamy, a little sweet, a little woody. Definitely no icky wet taste, which I’m really appreciating.

Still prefer the nuggets I have to most shou’s I’ve tried lately. IDK what’s up with that.

Edit: Also salty. That’s very true. Thanks to Morgana for mentioning that in her tasting note. (Her note wasn’t about this tea tho. It’s just a note I feel goes with shou in general.)


I’ve yet to find a shou I’ve actually liked, but I have some tea nuggets too that I happen to love, so idk what’s up with that.


I included some shou in your package because that’s what I had from Verdant. And the 2008 bulang from Crimson Lotus that was super amazing. And a lot of moonlight teas. :) Some local sheng, but when Dexter was here we mostly bought shou.


Ooooooooh thank you! Also!!!! MOONLIGHT TEAS!!!! I have this one moonlight tea sample I’m still holding on to because I tried it once and loved it and can’t find more of the same one.


my cupboard is mostly updated-ish but I still have a bunch that I can’t find on here, I can message you a list in a bit


Yeah, I have 3 right now – Treasure Green, Mandala, and this delightful cake from The Chinese Tea Shop. You have samples of all. :D (Spoiler: The cake is the best, but honestly they’re all so good. Use less water than you think for the thick honey flavours.)


Yay for helpful descriptors! ;-)


Haha. Indeed! I mean, the tea isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I was hoping for. Oh well! If Dexter likes it, I’ll just send the rest to her. :D


What are you sending me?
Ummmm – I bought quite a bit of sheng when I was there – just most of it was OLD samples. Still haven’t found one that I LOVE….
re the AMAZING moonlight cake – OMG it is soooooo good. Lots of leaf, little water – boiling – flash steeps = liquid honey apricot goodness…


all this does is reinforce my need to unwind with some puerh. Too bad that’s not bloody likely to happen until January at the earliest.


This is the white 2 tea stuff, Dex. From the tea club. I have finally gotten over some of my frustration and have packed up a box for you…


Heres hoping you manage to find a little time to sit and enjoy some tea, Sil..


Sadly, just realised this weekend we have family stuff..and then other stuff… sigh maaybe dec 24? haha


Haha. Not family stuff! ;) I think I’ll be at my parents just Christmas day, but the plan is to bring a few puer samples and my favourite kyusu and some teensy cups. :)

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57 tasting notes

This doesn’t smell like much when dry. After a rinse steeping the wet leaves smell sweet, like honey graham crackers. I have been rising my ripe pu-erhs twice.

Aged shou rarely tastes like much to me. This one isn’t much different. It’s only a little sweet, a little nutty, a little creamy, and not fishy at all. It’s somewhat bland but still enjoyable. I enjoy this tea for soothing a raw throat.

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818 tasting notes

I finally got around to this tea tonight. Love the packaging and how it wraps up neatly with the paper pushed into the inside of the tuo. It looks really compressed but actually breaks apart quite easily. I used almost 8g in my Jian Shui pot from Crimson Lotus Tea. I LOVE my pot, btw.

It brews up a pretty nice reddish brown…more red than other shou I’ve had. I noticed smoke right off the bat in the aroma, and then in the taste. It’s lapsang-like smoke. Interesting! I’ve never had a shou that was smoky!

The smoke is not as dominant as it is in lapsang, but it’s fairly prominent, overshadowing any potential mustiness from being an older shou. Or maybe this doesn’t have mustiness and that 2000 CNNP I had was the exception. Who knows! It has a clean taste, with some sweetness too. There’s a refreshing aftertaste along with the smoke, like minty jerky. Ha!
I like it! It’s so unique! I wonder why this is only being made available to monthly club subscribers. Guess I’ll have to savor the rest of this tuo!


Cool notes. I honestly just had mine, I let it air for a about a week before biting into to it. I got smoke from the wet leaves when I smelled them, but only a hint of smoke in the first two steeps. Did you let yours air a while?

I know you also have the 2000 CNNP Lincang that does have smoke to it, but you also bought it from the US site, which has a different storage, I might send you some of mine some day so you can let me know if you think there is any difference between the two.


I think mine aired out for about a week and a half before I tried it. The smoke was light, but I think I detected it throughout my session. :)

I don’t have the 2000 CNNP anymore, as I put the rest of my sample in the TTB. I guess I need to update my cupboard. That would have been fun to do a side-by-side comparison though!


JC, i bought it from US, ze cake ;) would you like to compare ?

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