Yunnan Dian Hong (Fenqing Dianhong Lily Bud Straight Leaf Congou)

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Black Tea
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Malt, Molasses, Spicy, Stewed Fruits, Dried Fruit, Fig, Honey, Meat, Raisins, Smoke
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 6 oz / 178 ml

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  • “Sipdown Dexter provided me a sample of a Yunnan Dian Hong from this company and though I am not sure if it was this one specifically, I would say given her note that it just might be. Like Dex, I...” Read full tasting note
  • “I think this is the one I ordered, just going by the picture because the only description I could find for the tea I ordered was “yunnan dian hong”. I’ve actually had this a few times now but was...” Read full tasting note
  • “Well, this matches the picture! So I’m gonna go with it. The label Dexter wrote has “High Grade Yunnan Dian Hong 2014” on it. :) I’m doing this in my cute travel tea set… 1/2 the baggie (about 2...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. It’s really assertive. It’s almost too sweet potato, too malty. I want to say unbalanced but I can’t figure out what it’s lacking. It’s...” Read full tasting note

From Han Xiang Ecological Tea

[Name]: Hop Cheong Hin (Yunnan Dianhong)

Level: all gold bud

Product Material: Yunnan big leaf species tea

Product specification: 8g 2bags = 16g

Date: production date with the latest shipment

Storage conditions: clean, airy, dry, odor-free, avoid direct sunlight store.

Shelf life: In compliance with the storage conditions suitable for long-term storage

[Manufacturers]: Ming dynasty tea

[Product Process]: low temperature extraction, low temperature drying
[Product soup]: transparent bright golden yellow

[Product brewing]: first injection, put into tea cream with boiling water, warm brew can be

[Effect] of goods lipid-lowering diet, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive, anti-atherogenic, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, Glister mouthpiece, Huwei, stomach,
Anti-aging, anti-radiation, sober, beauty

About Han Xiang Ecological Tea View company

Company description not available.

9 Tasting Notes

6401 tasting notes


Dexter provided me a sample of a Yunnan Dian Hong from this company and though I am not sure if it was this one specifically, I would say given her note that it just might be. Like Dex, I found this one too assertive when it comes to the sweet potato element. It’s almost harsh as its a rush of just one element whereas black teas are usually more balanced. It was fun to try though and always nice to experience new things so thank you Dex for sharing!

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45 tasting notes

I think this is the one I ordered, just going by the picture because the only description I could find for the tea I ordered was “yunnan dian hong”. I’ve actually had this a few times now but was always too lazy to find the supplier name again, so never rated it.

The dry leaves are long and straight, unlike most yunnan black teas I’ve tried. The tea itself was also a bit unexpected for me. There’s a rich bread/honey taste, and less cocoa than other yunnan blacks. Definitely enjoying this now, and looking forward to the re-steep.


This one is definitely intensely sweet to me too. I’m glad you are enjoying it.

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2290 tasting notes

Well, this matches the picture! So I’m gonna go with it. The label Dexter wrote has “High Grade Yunnan Dian Hong 2014” on it. :)

I’m doing this in my cute travel tea set… 1/2 the baggie (about 2 tbsp loose leaves, whoa) and 120-ish ml water. I did a super fast rinse, and I’ve been steeping until it looks and smells tasty. :D It’s a fairly light tea, but strong on the sweet potato and malt flavours. Wow. Very strong. Even with my short steeps, that’s pretty much all I’m getting.

Interestingly, people have noted meat and smoke tastes. I don’t feel quite that way about it (as in, it’s not a dominant flavour for me), but I can see taste where they’re coming from. With longer steeps, there’s an astringency on the teeth, and almost a bitter polish sausage shop flavour of smoked meat on the back of the tongue. You know. The shops that have their own smoke house and smoke their own stuff? Those shops.

Anyways, this is really interesting. I don’t think I love it, but I really appreciate being able to try it. Thank you, Dexter!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 OZ / 120 ML

This was my least favorite of the Ecological teas I got. I wrote that it was too assertive and you think it’s really strong – so yeah – we agree. Hope you like the other ones better…


Packs a caffeine punch too! I wasn’t quite expecting that. Tea is usually more gentle than coffee.

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1040 tasting notes

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. It’s really assertive. It’s almost too sweet potato, too malty. I want to say unbalanced but I can’t figure out what it’s lacking. It’s not really bitter, not astringent – I almost want to say burnt – but not smokey, not roasty. It’s not smooth – kind of rough around the edges. I’m not sure. Interesting, strange, not sure I like it. I’m drinking the third steep and it hasn’t mellowed at all.

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661 tasting notes

I was really curious about this tea after yyz reviewed it. So much that I placed my very first Aliexpress order. I should have known better. I tend to like lighter teas and this tea is for those that love dark full bodied teas.

I was afraid of it being too strong for me so I brewed at 200F for 1 1/2 min. That was very strange because all the elements that made this tea what it was still came through but were weak. So on the 2nd brewing I brewed it longer. It didn’t matter weak or strong it still was toooo strong for me.. I could pick up stewed fruit. It was very sweet like honey & molasses & malty. There was also a spicy note in there which was very faint. Kinda like the chilli note yyz got.

Strange , but I have loved some blacks that do have a malty, molasses, flavour. This one had something about it that made it stronger. Anyway, glad I didn’t buy a full size of this, only sample size.

Flavors: Malt, Molasses, Spicy, Stewed Fruits

Terri HarpLady

Sounds like my kind of tea :)


It could be! Definitely for those that love the ripe pu’erh or strong black teas.

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14093 tasting notes

i’m 98% certain that this is the tea i’m drinking by process of elimination on the other samples cameron B. sent me haha Thiis tea… is smooth…and smells sweet. I likely didn’t do this one justice as i got distracted with work and drank it all up before i realised it..then had a second steep and drank that up as well lol. that typically means that i’ve really enjoyed a tea. What i recall is that this had a sweet, stone fruit sort of maltiness to it. I didn’t get all the wonderful notes in this that YYZ did, but i’d consider picking up more of this if i ever stop being scared to start shopin on aliexpress. lol

thanks again Cameron!

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437 tasting notes

I admit I purchased this tea out of curiousity, a purchase review stated that it was a tea they had been looking for and had finally found after trying 30 suppliers. I was wondering what would be the draw for this person. Having had it using gongfu method twice I can say this is an intensely sweet and resilient black tea. I got many steeps with stewed apricot citrus and sweet cherry notes mixed with molasses on top and a nice deep base with cocoa, malt, and coffee, mixed with leather and earth. At times there are mole spice notes of cinnamon, chili and thyme, and baked goods notes ranging from charred crust to butter pastry. The tea is intensely sweet in its early steeps. It almost gave me a sugar headache! Altogether quite enjoyable.
It can be found here:
Sample sizes:

Full size. .

The dry leaf smells of fruit and cocoa and are mostly long flat blades with a mix of golden buds and longer dark chocolate brown blades at about a 50/50 mix.

I used 2.5g of leaves in a 140ml gaiwan at 95°C.

The tea had a red toned copper, slightly peachy colour with a yellow gold ring around the edges.

45s Scent: cocoa,hints of smoke and roasted notes, stewed fruits, apricot, red fruit and citrus notes.

Sweet and spicy up front with cocoa and darker malt notes underneath with molasses and hints of roasted notes with a touch of char. Stewed apricots, hints of citrus, and sweeter red fruits up front. It’s interesting because I under leafed this yesterday (2.5g/200ml) and got more leather, earth notes which are pretty well hidden in this steep and the tea was brisker. There is a faint hint of leather in the deeper base notes. Savoury spice notes, hinting at a mole sauce with cinnamon, hints of thyme and chili. In general very sweet with a rich deep base that may appeal to coffee and shou puerh drinkers. The tea has a good dose of caffeine and a hint of briskness with a thick rich texture on the tongue.

30s scent: similar to above with stronger malt tones

Cocoa,molasses,apricot, hints of sweet cherry,less citrus, malt, hints of charred crust,creamy buttery pastry, hints of coffee, mole spice, very sweet lingering aftertaste. Thick dense texture on the tongue with a light briskness creating a cooling texture on the tongue.

40s. Scent: cocoa, red fruit, molasses, malt, apricot, hints of pastry.

Cocoa, apricot, red fruits, citrus notes, molasses, malt, butter pastry, coffee , mole spice and hints of earth and leather, less intensely sweet.

60s indistinct cocoa, molasses, fruit mix.

Apricot, cocoa, molasses ( very sweet again), hints of butter pastry, coffee, malt, cinnamon, hints of earth and leather, and a tarter cherry note.

100s. Scent similar to above

Tarter with malt and red fruit, cocoa, fading molasses, citrus notes some cinnamon.

160s. Similar to above with a slight grain note and some briskness.

240s weakening with molasses fruit and artichoke.


yay! thanks for the great review!


Yes, great review! :)
haha, I went to aliexpress site but got overwhelmed so had to stop looking – so many choices!


caile…that’s also why i just live vicariously though yyz’s tasting notes…and sometimes dexter


Agreed, detailed and nice.


Caile, aliexpress can be overwhelming very true but it can also offer many great opportunities. My advice either attack it with a purpose, is a specific tea, or narrow your search is use x tea sort by price check for sales etc. Then if you find something take the keywords from the description to check for the best price:-). Ali has allowed me to buy directly from farmers, to find out detailed info about tea types and growing regions, and to try new things at good prices. I wouldn’t be afraid of it ( except for the possibility of addiction:-)). As for Han Xiang he started out with mostly Fujian teas but has added more and more Yunnan teas. The 1.99 samples are a good place to start. If buying larger sizes ask him questions and let him know if you are ordering a number of teas he’ll often offer you further discount. He’s reduced my order by 10.00 before even when one of the teas was already on sale.


for me aliexpress is like walking in to target on black friday when they’re selling things at 1$….


That tea sounds so complex. I’m really curious to try it. I set up an Aliexpress account some time ago but never used it. Just not sure how the whole thing worked compared to EBay .


Ubacat there are similarities, in fact there are sellers and agents that sell on both platforms. Sellers set up stores, transactions are processed by Aliexpress ( all of my transactions have been processed in the uk) and the system is set up in a way that it is supposed to offer some protection to both parties. Buyer protection is extended for a certain number of days. If you haven’t received the item within that time or if you are trying to resolve an issue with an item with the seller you can request that the seller extend the time period. Most sellers will do this as the do not want to have to go through a dispute process. Once you receive the item you confirm acceptance and you have a certain number of days to Raye a transaction. In Aliexpress 5 stars means that the transaction went as expected or if there was a hickup the seller resolved in an acceptable way and you are happy with everything 4 stars is when you got the product but something about the transaction was dissapointing. 3 stars or below is generally reserved for unacceptable service, unhappy disputes, misleading or unacceptable products etc. Generally most sellers will try to resolve any issues with you before you leave a rating so I have never had a need to leave a negative one. There is a new alipay system which is meant to be like PayPal. I haven’t tried it yet. The Cc transactions have been fine for me. Otherwise, if you have any questions it pays to ask them before buying. I. General though I have been happy with my transactions and I have bought some nice teas. Don’t discount sellers who sell tea as a side to their main business. I have got good products from these sellers as well. At times they are selling tea they or their family produce themselves.


Thanks yyz, that’s good advice and I will certainly give it a try. I think I’ll try to start out small, and the samples look like a good way to begin my exploration. :-)


lol That’s the temptation, Sil!


i know..i know.. but its overwhelming for me


Thanks for all the advice yyz! I did go on and log in. That seller has some nice samples. Do you find your credit card is secure on Aliexpress?


Sil, I know there’s so much! Even on Ebay. All I have been doing on Ebay is mostly going with recommended sellers.


I’ve never had a problem. Your credit card info is handled by Aliexpress and sellers don’t have access to it.

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286 tasting notes

I’m exhausted today. I wish I could sit around and do nothing, but unfortunately stuff needs to get done. Hoping this tea will inject some caffeine energy to get me going.

The leaves are incredibly long and gold and dark brown in colour. Makes measuring these leaves difficult, then I accidentally poured too many leaves in the infuser. Ah well, at least it wasn’t on the floor.

The aroma is honey and fruit. My first couple of sips were really fruity, and now I think I understand what stewed fruit tastes like, even though I can’t remember the last I tasted stewed fruit. The tea is naturally sweet from the honey and molasses notes.

I think I prefer steep better. The fruit notes have toned down, and the richer molasses notes are more evident. Yep, steep 2 is a winner for me.

Thanks for sharing Cameron B!


I just had this too. It really is intensely sweet.


Looks like we’re on the same page with these teas :)


That is just a pretty name…Lily Bud :)

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3309 tasting notes

Another of my samples from Han Xiang Ecological Tea this morning! I must say, these leaves are very beautiful. They’re long and thin and quite stiff, they almost remind me of pine needles or slender twigs. The color is about half golden and half black. Dry scent is a bit sweet but not much else, which I’m finding a lot with black teas. I did a 3 minute steep at 200 degrees.

Ooh, the brewed aroma is an interesting combination of sweet honey and dried fruit with savory, almost smoky meat scents. And I find that the taste follows along those lines as well! The beginning of the sip has a lot of dark, syrupy dried fruit flavor, maybe raisins and figs? Then in the middle, the smoked meat savory flavor comes to the forefront, and it stays there for the rest and into the aftertaste. Intermingling between the two are notes of honey and rich molasses which unexpectedly help to bring everything together. Yums. :D

Flavors: Dried Fruit, Fig, Honey, Malt, Meat, Molasses, Raisins, Smoke

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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