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This is another tea from Tea For All Reasons – their Downton Abby Collection. I’m really enjoying these! Now I must start watching the series!

This has that bergamot in an earl grey but not the fragrance of an EG or the stereotypical PUNCH. It has a bit of juicy ‘pom’. The product description says TART – I wouldn’t call it “TART” per say but a neat offering of flavor. I usually only describe teas with hibiscus in them as TART and this doesn’t have it in it – thank GOODNESS!

There are floral notes – but more sweet than bitter or perfumy type florals. There is also a wonderful creaminess in this that is surprising AND much appreciated.

This is a very nice flavor combo – ratios AWESOMELY done – and I give it two thumbs up!


Downton abbey is great. I just started watching myself but there are only 3 seasons so far and only about 8-9 episodes per season so you can burn through pretty quickly. I only started last week and am almost finishing season 2. The first 2 episodes were boring but I told myself to suffer through since I knew it was a good show and just had to give it time.


Good to know! Thanks!!!

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drank Konacha by Sakao Enterprise
6768 tasting notes

I’ve had very little experience with Konacha like I have with other greens, it seems.

This was very very fine and plumped up quite a bit once infused. It smells like cooked spinach and celery. The taste is a little bitter but slightly creamy and brothy, too.

The more I sip the more I realize it’s pretty thick, too.

This is satisfying and meal-like. A delight!

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drank Lemonade by Shanti Tea
6768 tasting notes

Backlogging a few awesome cups from the weekend – iced – and VERY nice! YUM! See other notes :)

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drank April Showers by Shanti Tea
6768 tasting notes

Drinking this hot but I think it would be better cold.The orange and apple mesh together but the apricot is a bit stronger than that and the hibiscus is even stronger. The hibiscus level throws it off for me – it’s not bad but I would have loved to try it SANS the dread hibiscus.

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ALMOST finished infusing. I hate to say it but it’s UNimpressive thus far – not much to look at or smell.

I will give credit where credit is due – the color – post-infusion is beautiful. It’s like a copper color or brandy-type color. Very nice.

The flavor isn’t very impressive either. It’s not bad but not memorable in any way either. It’s your stereotypical rooibos. I can’t taste much else.


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Ahhhhh! Wonderfully smelling roasted and popped rice. Very veggie-like with the green tea and matcha. a gorgeous lime color. Absolutely delicious genmai with matcha! Brothy and soup like. The flavor is exceptional! This is a fantastic genmai with matcha! Awesome!

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This one was hiding from me, too!

I’m not sure why but Pear teas are tricky lil buggers! I find most of them aren’t great. Either they are ‘nothing like pear’ and/or artificial tasting and/or OVER DONE.

This one, however, smells adorable! Let’s see if it tastes good, too!

It IS pretty good! It’s not OVERLY Pear but it seems to be more TRUE tasting so that is appreciated! It has a floral-pear combo going on. The green tea base is top-notch! It’s also kind of brothy.

This is good hot and looking forward to it cold/iced :)

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drank DaYuLing by Mountain Tea
6768 tasting notes

So this is the winner of the NATC 2012 – Green Oolong Category – 1st Place?
Excellent! Let’s see what it’s all about, shall we?

I must say I was rather surprised that an award winner wasn’t already logged here at Steepster! I’m very excited to try it and grateful it was sent to me!

I agree with the official product description saying this smells a little like cashew prior to infusing. I’m loving that because I LOVE Cashews!

I also agree once infused it smells like orchards and hay. I wasn’t really making the connection to the sugar cane, tho, but that’s ok!

It has a buttery-green texture on the tongue. The floral notes SHINE as you sip. This is VERY slippery – you know how I hate the term ‘mouth feel’ but I’m not sure how else to describe it. It’s a very green-flavored oolong and I totally see why it won that award! It’s the definition of Green Oolong! Nicely done!

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I’m LOVING all of the color in this dry – loose leaf! It’s very pretty to the eye!

The aroma is delightful, too! Fruity but still WITH the black tea base. A little floral goodness to go along with it!

In short – a strawberry rose flavor lays with this black tea base – nice and evenly on the tongue. It has a creamy finish and pleasantly lingering aftertaste.


Oh yes! Another FINE Specialty choice from TFAR

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I just finished a KICK ASS Power Bar
I blogged about it here

I just opened a medium-HUGE bag of this stuff and will be sending a slew of it to my Sororitea Sisters

It smells like a floral white tea with wine-like aroma underneath. The color once infused is that of a pale-yellow on the verge of a faint khaki color.

This is sweet but floral. Extremely fresh, clean, and thirst-quenching! A True Gem!

Good both hot and cold. It seems sweeter iced, tho!

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