drank Gao Leng Jin Xuan by Fu Guang
25 tasting notes

aka golden lily, milk or silk oolong, nai xiang

120ml shi piao yixing

Leaf color: olive green chocolate brown
Dry aroma: dry roasted corn husk, orchid! afterthought suggestion of milk
Steep color: winter sunlight
Wet aroma: perfumed crackerjacks, fresh cut field grass & carnations, as if the sea were milk and seaweed flowered, green tea cookies dipped in nut milk, the later the infusion the longer the dip the more dairy the milk
Tea base: warm milk
Steep taste: spring vegetables steamed, complex leafy greens soup with a dollop of cream
Steep texture: light, wet
Throatiness: long & enduring, as if the tea were milk (late: bright almost metallic)
Quenchless: brothlike (light, slightly oily), then slippery
Chaqi: brightens eyes, relaxes shoulders

The tea lasts (final infusion at 30min). From initial infusion to final, the upfront flavor goes from being floral to milky and back to floral. All good, and the tea could probably be pushed to 2hrs and then overnight; however , the milky huigan of the last infusions tasting like a watered skim isn’t terribly motivating.

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