Marco Lewis TTB

Thanks Lily at Verdant for the sample!

Dry leaf appearance: Tiny, crinkly, dark green

Dry scent: pistachio nut, grassy

175F, 120 ml, 4g
3 steepings: 8s, 15s, 15s
I wanted to try Verdant’s steeping perameters, I really did, but I can’t ever seem to get any flavor out of a 3 second steeping (plus I can hardly ever figure out how to hold the gaiwan right within that time. lol) Maybe I’ll play it by the book next time.

Silly me, swearing off green tea for like a year because it “tastes like grass in a cup.” And here I find that I actually enjoy the stuff. I’ve been missing out. Next week I’ll try to tackle blacks again since they’re still on my no-no list. I was a bit traumatized by a very strong Golden Monkey last week. Didn’t help much to be honest. Anyway on to the Laoshan Green!

I wish I was sophisticated enough to write pages and pages on how this tea tastes, but it was just good, sweet green tea. Actually yesterday I had to use a whole teaspoon of sugar to make my TGY taste good, not so with this tea. I used only half a teaspoon and with the first sip my eyes actually lit up when I found how sweet it was! I realized when I poured some more that some of the sweetness was actually due to the fact that I didn’t pre-heat my cup, because the next one was hotter and less sweet, but hey, that means it should make a pretty mean iced tea right? :)

Photo: http://instagram.com/p/wromMJAuM-/?modal=true

Flavors: Sweet

4 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

I prefer the Autumn harvest :)


I’ll have to try that as well :)

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I prefer the Autumn harvest :)


I’ll have to try that as well :)

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