ashmanra said

Electric variable temp gooseneck kettle recommendations?

I have been watching the Teahouse Ghost videos and now I want a,gooseneck kettle for gungfu and gaiwan steeping. I know it isn’t necessary, but man, that precision pour looks nice!

Does anyone use one and do you recommend the one you have? Any to avoid?


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LuckyMe said

Yes, the gooseneck kettle has been a life changer for me! No more spill hazards thanks to the steady pour. That kind of precise pouring is very helpful when dealing with small teapots and gaiwans.

My setup however is a little different though in that I use a small induction cooktop ( along with a standalone 1 L gooseneck kettle with built in thermometer (

ashmanra said

An induction burner is a great idea! I hadn’t thought of that!

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Thomas said

I got an electric kettle for work after I kept burning my hands on the regular karaf style tea pot at home. Yes. I wrote that right. I burnt my hand at home and got a kettle for work. Anyway. I love it. Getting another one for home. I bought the older model of bonavita on a recommendation in another forum and have been using it for about a month now.

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