2019: How much will you spend on tea this year?

It’s tradition, at this point! Time to track how much you’re spending on tea each year. You can edit a comment to keep track throughout the year, or make a new comment for each month/purchase – totally up to you! A lot of people set a budget/goal for the year, or an amount they’d like to stay under per month. Some folk include teaware purchases, and others don’t.

So have fun, and lets track our tea spending!

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Wes B said

Hope to keep it less than $500. I already have more than enough taste tea. The problem I have is I like to try new teas often. I

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Looking back at previous years, here’s how I’ve done:

2018 – $3929.54
2017 – $3805.50
2016 – $2034.13
2015 – $1998.46
2014 – $1466.61

Every year I set a financial budget, and every year I fail to stay within it – usually by a lot. So this year I’m gonna change it up and look at things differently: My goal is to order from at least five new companies this year, and not order from the same company more than twice. I’m hoping this should still allow me to be diverse in my tea orders but will hopefully limit the amount of orders I place throughout the year as a whole. Like always, I’m tracking tea + teaware – including any shipping costs for online orders. Swaps or travelling tea boxes do not count towards my yearly total.

January $205.36
Severovostok (Chahe) $28.06
Lupicia (Group Order) $120.30
DAVIDsTEA $57.00

February: $217.25
Yunnan Sourcing $86.00
DAVIDsTEA (Matcha Collection $40.00
Old Ways Tea (Yancha Sampler) $39.00
A Quarter To Tea $52.25

March: $482.00
Bitterleaf Teas (Teacups, teapet, yixing pot) $216.00
White2Tea $125.00
Camellia Sinensis $141.00

April: $281.79
DAVIDsTEA $56.00
Mandala Tea $78.00
3 Leaf Tea $67.30
Bird & Blend $80.49

May: $129.10
KUURA $50.10
Wize Monkey $56.00
DAVIDsTEA (Travel Mugs) $23.00

June: $827.85
Bitterleaf Tea $315.00
Teaware House $83.86
Yiwu Mountain $89.00
Liquid Proust $47.99
Camellia Sinensis $34.00
Lazy Cat Tea $120.00
Bitterleaf Tea (Tea and Teacups) $138.00

July: $580.25
White2Tea $447.00
A Quarter to Tea $133.25

August: $150.44
White2Tea $36.44
A Quarter to Tea (Group Order/Bulk Stock of Favs) $114.00

September: $374.72
Snarky Tea $18.00
Mansa Tea $43.65
Bird & Blend (BYO Advent) $82.00
52Teas (12 Days of Tea) $72.00
Tea Revv (Advent) $49.07
Dammann Freres (Advent + Tea) $110.00

October: $292.25
Assorted Vendors at the Montreal Tea Festival $245.00
Hojicha Co. $47.25

GRAND TOTAL: $3564.01


I like your idea about trying new companies!

Forcing yourself to try new teas is a fantastic idea – otherwise you don’t know what you may be missing.

It is like when I go to eat at restaurants… I always order at least 1 of my favorite dishes, but also I like to try something new. I’ve discovered many new favorites this way.

All I gotta say is that we’re three days into June and, well, oof.

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Ariel said

…I have no idea, and I am both excited and terrified by that prospect. I’ll track both tea and teaware, and any related costs. Hoping to try a good amount of new teas and sources this year. I think I’ll try to set myself the somewhat arbitrary limit of $599 CAD, just to make sure it stays within reasonable limits… All prices are listed in CAD, and shipping etc. is included in totals.


White2Tea $191.08 (9 types of tea)
Maison de Thé Camellia Sinensis $59.38 (3 teas, pu er knife, teacup)
Eco-Cha $47.94 (4 new oolongs to try, from a new-to-me shop!)


David’s Tea $14.98 (sticky rice oolong)


Eco-Cha $53.45 (two new oolongs from my new favourite shop)
Tealyra $78.50 (8 teas from a new-to-me shop)
Mountain Stream Teas $38.11 (several oolongs and 2 metal camping cups, from a new-to-me shop)


YuYo Tea House and Craft Supply: $8 Lychee black tea from my other local haunt


Eco-Cha: $15.21 (GABA oolong and small leaf black tea, from their free- shipping-on-any-size-order sale)


What-Cha: $60.20 (7 new teas, including 2 from Georgia and 1 from Australia!)

Running total: $566.85 CAD ($32.15 left to spend this year…)
New shops tried this year: 4

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Kittenna said

You know, I’ve never really tracked this. Perhaps I will this year. All values in CAD, as that’s what’s relevant to me.

January ($60.41)
A Quarter to Tea (subscription) – $30.66
Lupicia – $10.80
DavidsTea – $18.95 (plus a candy thing, but I’m not counting that)

February ($29.02)
A Quarter to Tea (subscription) – $20.23
DavidsTea – $8.79

March ($94.31)
A Quarter to Tea (subscription) – $20.40
DavidsTea – $15.60
52Teas – $58.31

April ($189.32)
A Quarter to Tea (subscription) – $20.55
DavidsTea – $23.58
52Teas – $52.31
Bird & Blend – $92.88

May ($372.91)
A Quarter to Tea (subscription) – $20.63
52Teas (subscription) – $265.61
DavidsTea – $14.16
52Teas – $12.51
Stash Sale – $60

June ($84.31)
A Quarter to Tea (subscription) – $20.84
DavidsTea – $6.48
DavidsTea – $56.99

A Quarter to Tea (subscription) – $20.18
DavidsTea – $67.17
Verdant Tea

TOTAL: $830.28 (Up to June)

Kittenna said

Updated up to June…. oops. So much for any sort of buying hiatus whatsoever. I’ll definitely be exceeding $1000 this year, since I intend to keep my tea subscription active, and keep getting new DavidsTeas.

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Sil select said

Past few years have shaped up as follows:
2014: 1320.42 USD 320.18 CAD
2015: 1075.10 USD 206.21 CAD (including paris trip)
2016: 170.69 USD 170.21 CAD
2017: 317.27 USD 268.58 CAD
2018: 179.08 USD; 34.89 CAD

For 2019, I suspect that my spending will be even more limited with the kiddo on the way. I think my goal for next year will be to spend under 200$ in each currency.

Lupicia – 53.50 USD
February 0
March 0
April 0
May 0
Tealish – 53.70 CAD
52 Teas – 26.00 USD
Yunnan Sourcing – 41.81 USD

Total: 121.31 USD; 53.70 CAD

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Arby said

All amounts in Canadian dollars

December 2018 (purchased at the end of 2018 so I’m putting it here):
$9 Murchies
$15 David’s Tea
$26.50 DT
~ $30 52 Teas

January 2019:
$0 (so far)

April 2019
$26 – David’s Tea
$2 – mint tea bags at Walmart

May 2019
$15 – a few teas I found in the USA where they have a different selection of Tazo and Bigalow herbals

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Dustin said

Last year was the first I tracked. I was at $740. My goal is to not buy any tea this year and drink down my cupboard to something more manageable. We’ll see how long I last! LOL! I’m hoping that participating in traveling tea boxes will help me with exploring more teas without feeling the need to spend money. I’m going to fail in October when advent calendars start becoming available.

January: $0!!! So far, so good!

February: I may fail my second month in. I have a friend who is going to Paris and I’m doing everything I can to not send her a shopping list.
Update: Nope! Still haven’t bought any tea. And I swear I can see room developing in my cupboard!
March: $0
April: 0
May: 0
June: 0
July: 0

August: David’s tea $5.98
I needed more mugs since a couple of mine have broken (teaware is not on my personal ban) and had to spend $10 more to reach free shipping (shipping is $10) so I got a tea and a matcha spoon. So spend money on tea or spend money on shipping were my options. I think I made the sensible choice. :D

Sept: $554.90 Trip to France necessitated tea purchases. I couldn’t go all the way over there and NOT buy tea!
Mariage Freres $28.59
Lupicia $31.11
Fachon $72.39
TheOdor $157.10
Betjemin Barton $43.41
August Uncommon $52.19 Because I already broke my ban and wanted to try their tea. Now back on the ban until the release of advent calendars!
Nina’s $5.46

TheOdor Online $164.65 I had to get an advent calendar. And I didn’t want to pay $30 in shipping, so I bought more tea to get the free shipping. Free shipping has lured me into buying more tea twice this year!

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TJ Elite said

My first time taking part. I’ll be tracking both tea and teaware purchases. Hopefully I remember to keep this post up to date.

January $694.66+£27.20
Yunnan Sourcing: $470.35 (tea $460, shipping $10.35)
Yunnan Sourcing: $105.27 (tea $94, shipping $11.27)
Yunnan Sourcing: $119.04 (tea $110, shipping $9.04)
The Tea Guru: £27.20 (tea £16.65, shipping £10.55)

February $270
Bitterleaf Teas: $270 (teaware)

TJ Elite said

After trying for well over a month, I still can’t edit my original post, so here’s the latest update instead.

January $694.66+£27.20
Yunnan Sourcing: $470.35 (tea $460, shipping $10.35)
Yunnan Sourcing: $105.27 (tea $94, shipping $11.27)
Yunnan Sourcing: $119.04 (tea $110, shipping $9.04)
The Tea Guru: £27.20 (tea £16.65, shipping £10.55)

February $441.50
Bitterleaf Teas: $270.00 (teaware)
Bitterleaf Teas: $171.50 (teaware)

March $353.50+€10.00+£98.05
Bitterleaf Teas: $101.50 (tea $4.50, teaware $97)
Bitterleaf Teas: $104.00 (tea $12, teaware $92)
Teepolku: €10 (tea €8, shipping €2)
The Tea Guru: £98.05 (tea £87.50, shipping £10.55)
Bitterleaf Teas: $148.00 (teaware)

April $149.38
Denong Tea: $114.38 (tea $78, shipping $22.33, customs $14.05)
Breathing Leaves: $35 (tea $20, shipping $15)

May $22.33
Denong Tea: $22.33 (tea free, shipping $22.33)

June $100.32
Bitterleaf Teas: $100.32

July $536.08
The Essence of Tea: $153
Crimson Lotus Tea: $249.99
Crimson Lotus Tea: $16.99
Bitterleaf Teas: $116.10

August $79.97+€76.11
Crimson Lotus Tea: $79.97 (tea $19.99, teaware $59.98)
Mei Leaf: €76.11 (tea €20.16, teaware €37.15, shipping €18.80)

Total: $2,377.74+€86.11+£125.25

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Rosehips said

I’m in!
I’m going to try to keep it around $500. We’ll see how this goes.

January- 59.25

Kittenna said

How is it going so far, Rosehips?

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I spent $2000.42 in 2018. I felt sick when I saw that amount. So my resolution is to change that for 2019. I don’t really plan to spend anything for at least the first half of 2019 — I am (tentatively) planning a teacation for July (the Portland Tea Expo in Portland Oregon) and it would be silly to go on vacation and not get any tea, but I’m hoping I’ll have excavated some space in my tiny apartment from sipdowns that far into the year. Realistically, I’m going to say I’d like to spend no more than $250-500 on tea this year since my big push is getting tea out of my apartment during 2019! When I’ve freed up some space, then I imagine it’ll go up again as I cycle some (fresher) stock back in!

If you stop buying your takeaway coffee each day, assuming that you do buy a coffee in the morning, you can save well over $1000, so don’t feel too bad: just reallocate.

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