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This CTC teabag gives a flat delivery of chocolate and a leather saddle sat next to a fire to dry. Mellow malt and a hint of toffee, some bitterness but good. I brewed this in a styrofoam cup and the tea scum that bubbled up was kind of off-putting. Basic malty aroma but it wasn’t the main flavor.

Martin sent 2 bags. I drank one at breakfast and one at lunch. By my benchmark, that means it was decent. Still, I’d seek other breakfast teabags if I needed some.

Flavors: Bitter, Campfire, Chocolate, Leather, Malt, Toffee

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML
Martin Bednář

Yeah, I know, it is okay. But I have some “weight left”, so I picked those, as I know it’s fresh tea. But certainly there are betteres English Breakfast blends and certainly I would not call it “supreme”.

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I want to give up.

I have nieces and nephew around for this weekend, yesterday they came, next Sunday they are leaving. Today we are going to celebrate lots of things, some birthdays, some name-days (not really), that mom is okay after car crash, et cetera.

I hate too many people. Especiallly when they are relatives. TRIGGERS of my panic attacks. Kids with my brother and sister-in-law are going to visit another grandma tomorrow, so at least something “positive”. And I decided to move for that week to my friend’s place. My mother says I am weak and do not want to fight against it.

I prepared this tea in kitchen and almost ran back to my room.

Now to the tea, it brews cloudy dark brown, copper colour. The smell is not very pleasant. Not light (well, it should be “extra strong”); malty aroma – but bit artificial I think.

I steeped it for 3+ minutes, I did not care, but wanted to make it weak.

In taste it is very common, cheap black tea. As I steeped it for short time, it was not bitter, but not pleasant for sure. Generic citrus fruits came up too, but I think it is artifical – as ingredients says: black tea, aroma.

It is never good, when they do not declare what aroma they used.

In conclusion: I do not enjoy this cup very much, but maybe I am too affected.

Flavors: Citrus, Malt

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

I dislike those crowds as well.


Me too. lol


Yeah, big family gatherings tend to get pretty chaotic and crazy. Thankfully there’s tea to help restore serenity afterwards

Martin Bednář

At least I am not only one.


Bunch of introverts, aren’t we? I like my people in short doses, too.


Many days I like my teas better than people.


I don’t think it’s weak to try and maintain your sanity by removing yourself from an overwhelming situation! I, too, wouldn’t be able to handle the chaos of a bunch of relatives in my living space for all that long. I rely on my late-evening solitude to recharge. I hope you’re able to enjoy some family time as well as some much-needed breaks from it :)


I love love love to have some alone time, but I do like to be with my children. I think the situation you describe with a lot of nieces and nephews around could get overwhelming for a lot of us! When a crowd overwhelms me, I make some jasmine dragon pearls and drink it all alone! It makes me feel better. I hope you are feeling better now, too.

Martin Bednář

I was kind of afraid to lose my temper if I stayed with them for 10 days. Actually, I am kjnd of caring person, but sometimes too much and I understand it can be bothersome for someone. That’s the reason why I decided to “run away” from my responsibility.
More over I felt it for bit longer time that I need kind of break in my life. Something to stop my stereotypes. This sounds like a good idea to spend a week somewhere else than my home.
Moreover, when it’s rather a hotel now for me, as I am leaving in 9 am and 8 pm returning. Haha


After being ill, starting a new job and getting used to waking up at 3am, I finally sent your package last week. I’m sorry for the delay. May some relief arrive soon and before you go to your friend’s for a week!

Martin Bednář

derk – don’t worry, I have loads of tea at home now and I have no place to put them. Ahh. Need to clean up cupboard a bit probably.

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I retake this teaas I wanted black tea, something simple and easydrinking.

I forgot this tea is rather on cocoa spectrum than malt. And today it was really like hot cocoa. I did not noticed any tea flavours at all. Really weird, flat cocoa than a malt, or at least tannic taste. No astringency as well. Maybe little leather there.

To be honest, I am disappointed today. But it is what I expected from this tea. Nothing much. But so weird?

Steeping time: around 5 minutes, 90°C water

Flavors: Cocoa

10 OZ / 300 ML

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I found a single tea bag in my stash. Then I found whole box in cupboard. I completely forgot about this one. But it is still before BEST BEFORE date, so – I don’t mind.

Too bad, on box, on bag and not even on website is information what tea was used (yes, I mean regions). Just everything is unique, premium, ritual, whatever. On website I found out that Teekanne is responsible for content. And if you want to write the company, there is one, not very promising e-mail address. Or you can try to write them an snail mail – then it is a PO Box. Hmm.

I did just 2 and half minute steep (they suggest 3-5). I was afraid it will be too bitter, so I rather short the vrewing time and usually it is alright. The hue of colour is alright, dark copper, quite clear (I have seen cleaner from tea bags). Little oil flecks.

In aroma there is no malt, nothing what says I am strong tea. Nothing astingent, bitter, whatever. It smells after toffee, caramel cookies, maybe little chocolately.

In taste is is quite weak (I have to re-try with longer steeping time), and similar. Sweet, caramel notes with chocolate notes. I expected something more bitter from English Breakfast blend. It is quite easydrinking, but not really something I would drink on daily basis.

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 14 OZ / 400 ML

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Received today from my friend from Italy. It is decaf, which is a plus when brewing at 7 pm. I really don´t have any expecations, as it looks like cheap “something like” tea. Apparently, box of 20 tea bags costs 2.89 € which is bit higher than I expected.

If I undestood ingredients right, it contains: Decaf black tea (caffeine <0.1%), natural aroma 8 % and peach 1 %.

3-5 minutes steeping, I guess I made 4 minute brew.

Colour is bronze, quite clear which is quite nice for “just a tea bag”. Aroma is strong peach, but doesn´t really smell artificial! Maybe little bit malt is there.

It cools down and aromas are dying. Not so fruity anymore, actually it smell like…actually nothing. It is some generic smell.

The taste is quite weak, bit malty, but again bit generic. Nothing really distinctive, somehow empty. I guess it is because it is decaf. The peach taste is almost non-existent. I expected explosion of summer notes, but there are none of them. It´s cheap, generic, black tea, without any freshness, without flavours.

It´s just nice, as it is without caffeine, thus good for evening. But I won´t drink it again.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

strange how initially the aroma is strong with peach initially and then disappears leaving no aroma or taste of peach.

Martin Bednář

exactly haptiK

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drank Wild Fruit by Sir Winston Tea
33 tasting notes

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drank Wild Fruit by Sir Winston Tea
33 tasting notes

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