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Month past before, but whatever.
The name says actually only ingredients: 83 % sea buckthorn berries and 17 % ginger. Nothing more, nothing less.

The brew is one of the least appealing I ever saw, super cloudy, grey, little orange-yellow notes.

I brewed it for maybe ten minutes, because I was so lazy put bag out.

Taste is not that great. Naturally, it is full of sea buckthorn and luckily the ginger is not that strong. But sea buckthorn from its nature is quite sour, with unpleasant aftertaste. But; luckily it’s not bad. I am maybe just not used to it. I was afraid that ginger will be strong, but it is mild. But noticeable there.

I bought only one teabag, but maybe I will buy whole boxes so I can swap the tea bags, it is actually from small local farm :) (and I always tend to support small companies!) No rating, at least for now.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more 10 OZ / 300 ML

Seabuckthorn is pretty rare in my area, although I did see a tea with it a few months ago at World Market. I use a seabuckthorn salve for burns that is AWESOME. Pain goes away and the burn heals fast and without less scarring. I wonder if it is good for internal inflammation?

Martin Bednář

I never used seabuckthorn for dermal purposes, so I can’t tell. But Wikipedia is saying it is not making it worse :). I did some research on University sources and it índeed looks it can be helpful. I guess it needs just more research to make it official drug.


And I just spotted my typo. That was supposed to say WITH less scarring! Yes, I use the salve from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve and honestly it is amazing on burns.

Martin Bednář

Haha, but I acutally read it correctly!


Huh, Chagrin Valley Soap is just up the road from the last house I lived in in Ohio.
I’d try this tea. Sounds strange.

Martin Bednář

Roger that derk, I will buy a box and send one to you next swap :D


Derk – I use their shampoo bars. They last almost a year each for me. Since switching to them from regular shampoo I only have to wash my hair half as often. Their salves are fabulous, cool me thol is the only way we can breathe through our allergies sometimes! I love SO MANY of their products.

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