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This is a very green oolong, that has plenty of smooth buttery notes.The vegetal tone is mellow, as is the color of the liquid, which is a light greenish yellow. Very clean and a tad creamy.

I figured that I would mix things up a bit this time around, and test a lower water temperature and shorter steep time. There is no hesitation in my mind of preference – this method worked perfectly. I’m very happy to have this one as my last cup of the evening. It leaves a very refreshing, slightly minty tingle to the taste buds. I can’t wait to experiment a littler more later on, when I have more time to have multiple infusions, following the above mentioned method (previously, I steeped longer and used a higher water temp, around 195°F for 3 minutes).

This tea pleases me very well. Oh, how I do love me some greener oolongs. :)

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 15 sec

I’m looking for a good tieguanyin that is good but not quite as expensive as verdant’s. Their’s is by far my favorite but it’s a little out of my price range. How does this tea compare to other tieguanyins you’ve tried?


I apologize for the repetition and mass of apostrophes, I’m really tired


I like Teavivre’s Monkey Picked Tie Kuan Yin very much, and there regular as well. They also have in soaked in honey. All are DELISH! And affordable. Harney and Sons entry level one is also excellent.


I’m not sure in comparison to Verdant, as I have yet to try , however this is a very nice Tie Kuan Yin. I really like it being greener, less roasted. I agree with ashmanra, Teavivre is an excellent option!

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