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I have only about one teaspoon left of this tea and have never added a tasting note? How can that be?

I grabbed this today thinking it would fulfill my final prompt in the scavenger hunt – a tea with spinach/artichoke notes. It may be cheating, though, as I have to squint really hard to get some artichoke out of this.

The first impression when smelling the dry leaves is milk chocolate. I have always thought it odd that many green and oolong teas have a strong aroma of milk chocolate or cacao to me. One Da Hong Pao I tried had powerful chocolate aroma.

Here the chocolate smell is mostly in the dry leaf but does come through a little in the flavor. This is smoothest when hot and becomes a bit astringent when cool, but not bad. It is a little grassy, as I expected. I think I like it best with food, but it is good standing alone as well.


You’re not the only one that gets chocolate/cacao from green tea leaves :)


I’m glad! I have come a long way in recognizing scents and flavors but I have quite a long way to go!

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