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ashmanra tucked a bag of this into a card…she knows I’m an Assam-ophile…and this fit the profile nicely. Gave it a good five minutes in my travel Tervis this morning, since the bag was small. For a novelty bagged tea, it displayed a surprisingly proper level of rye breadiness. A decent cuppa.


As a fellow Assam-ophile (I love that!), I am going to add this one to my list of teas to try! Sounds good!


Other notes mention it was found at a World Market, if you have one near you…we don’t (rural Midwest).

Evol Ving Ness

Tea people are just lovely.

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I was really shocked to see what low ratings this tea has! Maybe mine was a little different? Or fresher?

It is a type of tea I really don’t drink. It says it is a blend of teas from India and Assam seemed to be the dominant flavor. Thick, malty, and bready came to mind as the best way to describe it. Usually Assam tea gives me a stomach ache and I avoid it, or at least add milk to tone it down when I must drink it. But this was quite good with my breakfast. I was damp and a little chilly from dealing with the chickens and getting rained on as I performed my coop chores, so a hearty tea was more welcome than usual. Breakfast was a fresh egg and homemade Finnish yogurt with a bit of raw honey. It went very well together.

I didn’t buy this – it was given to me by a student in a bag of Christmas goodies and I am just now getting around to drinking it. Someone compared it to Red Rose, which I don’t think I have ever tasted, but I bet they are spot on. This is what I think of as builders’ tea, but I enjoyed it this morning, even though it is a type of tea I don’t usually drink.

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Sipdown (109)!

Finished off with some milk; not really awful but very lack luster. Goodbye Ernest Hemingway. You certainly deserved a much better tea than this one…

Flavors: Floral

Sami Kelsh

Ernest Hemingway tea (if my few readings of his work are any indication) should taste of dry martinis (and/or a jug of bloody mary), gunpowder, and baseball. Washed down with a good single-malt.


And maybe a touch of Marlin and bullfight, with a hint of ambulance.

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At this point, I’m not even surprised that this was already in the Steepster database.

One of my Aunt’s living in the US sends us some sort of gift basket every year for Christmas and this year’s basket showed up the day before Liam (my brother) and I left to spend Christmas with our Dad. This year it was primarily filled with different sorts of chocolate and cookies but in the bottom we found this little packet which had two of these teabags.

I’m curious; how exactly is this ‘filled with the Spirit’ of Ernest Hemingway? I mean, the only thing in the teabag is Ceylon tea fannings/dust. That, to me, doesn’t seem like a well thought out thing to name after someone with so much character. But I’m just nitpicking before even steeping this…

Honestly, for a teabag, it could be quite a lot worse. It’s not overly bitter or astringent in my opinion. Actually, it’s quite flat/dull in flavour with a very bland floral tone to it. I can’t quite tell whether that’s because it’s just shoddy tea or if it’s because I’m sick. I have an inclination it’s the former though.

Flavors: Floral

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My lovely co-worker brought this little 2-bag pack to me this morning as a gift. I’ve seen it in World Market and passed it by, figuring the only thing it had going for it is the lure of the name of Ernest Hemingway. And I was correct – it’s inoffensive enough, drinkable but thoroughly unspectacular.

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Bog-standard dust and fannings kind of tea bag. The flavour isn’t bad, but it’s a bit flat and cheap tasting. I want to say kind of similar to Red Rose?

Drinkable enough, but not something I would ever reach for given other options.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

Hell of a name for a tea to have to live up to.


I wasn’t expecting much from a teabag but I was hoping for something a little bit better given the name.

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I have been a tea drinker for many, many years. I received Ernest Hemingway as a gift over the Holiday. It is an excellent tasting tea. However, I have not been able to find more. Would love to know when it will be available.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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I am absolutely shocked that this tea was already in the database. I found this tea at World Market last night when I was there shopping for a friend. I’m not really sure WHAT I was thinking when I put it in my cart. I must have known that I wouldn’t care for it, I must have known I was setting myself up for tea dust in a tea bag, and pretty much, that’s what this is.

It’s a Ceylon tea. It’s nothing all that spectacular. It’s kind of verging on horrible. Not really rich, or flavorful. It tastes astringent and nasty. Maybe I must have thought I needed to revisit what bad tea tastes like? I really don’t know what I was thinking when I bought this. But I won’t again.

The company that sells it is actually Vision Pack Brand, and they seem to supply to gift basket companies, So, if you’re buying a tea gift basket, and you happen to see this tea in it, do your gift recipient a favor and skip the basket in lieu of better tea.

The one redeeming factor of this tea? The package is kind of cool. I might use it in my art at some point.


I will gladly take your supply. I love it!!

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I was a bit worried when I opened this and couldn’t smell anything at all! The most I could get off the dry leaves was a faint grassy smell. After steeping, it smelled faintly of grass and…french fries, of all things. My friend distracted me, so I’m not sure how long I let it steep, though it tastes as if it was just a tiny bit too long. I think it may go well with milk, I have one bag left that I will have to try milk with.


This tea actually got mellower and much better as it cooled

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