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Sipdown of an evening tea for ashmanra’s sipdown challenge. I got this in a previous Tea Thoughts countdown box. I’d never heard of Herald Tea before a few of their teas showed up in Tea Thoughts boxes, but I’m glad Nazanin included them because every one of Herald’s teas that I have tried has been excellent. They just seem to use genuinely good ingredients – I still have it filed away in the back of my head to keep their PNW mint in stock.
This particular blend is a really nice balance of apple-y chamomile and a nicely roasted hojicha. The combination also results in a dark chocolate note that’s really satisfying. I didn’t expect these two to work together as well as they do! Happy to have been wrong.

Flavors: Apple, Dark Chocolate, Roasty


What an interesting combination! I need to keep this company in mind because one of my daughters loves mint and that PNW sounds like a good one.


Yeah, it’s definitely not one I would have thought of!

Herald has the best mint I’ve tried from a US company. Kiani Tea has a phenomenal whole leaf peppermint, but that means paying for international shipping for anyone not in the UK. I still have a tab open to place an order with Foggy River Farm to try their mint blends, entirely on the strength of Roswell Strange’s glowing review and my own curiosity, but I’ve been slow to do it because of the international shipping from Canada to the US.

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Finished my birthday with this minty delight. I got it in a Tea Thoughts countdown box a while ago and have been carefully rationing it ever since. Most peppermint teas are basically the same, but this is actually one of the best peppermints I’ve ever had. It’s this and Kiani’s that come to mind when I think about truly great peppermints that are a level above the rest. This one has the classic cooling menthol taste and sensation, but also just a hint of natural sweetness that you usually don’t get.

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drank Organic Kamairicha by Herald Tea
4070 tasting notes

Another freebie, this time from my Tea Thoughts order! Thanks, Nazanin! :)

I haven’t had much experience with kamairicha, in fact I can’t recall whether I’ve tried it before… It’s a Japanese green tea, but it’s processed more like a Chinese tea, with pan frying instead of the usual steaming.

It’s quite delicious. I can see the similarities to Chinese pan-fried teas, it has the same comforting soba-like nutty notes that I would expect from a long jing, for instance. But underneath I can still taste that savory umami richness that is a hallmark of sencha, and Japanese greens in general. This tea has quite a bit of intensity to it as well, similar to a kabusecha or, to a greater extent, gyokuro. There’s also a very noticeable floral note to my palate, which makes for an interesting combination with the more savory flavors.

Very tasty tea, and I would definitely be interested in trying more kamairicha in the future. I’ll have to keep it in mind the next time I order from Yunomi…

Flavors: Buckwheat, Floral, Freshly Cut Grass, Grassy, Nutty, Savory, Smooth, Spinach, Thick, Toasty, Umami, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec 10 g 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Wildwood by Herald Tea
1165 tasting notes

I didn’t know about this company before, but I have two of their teas from past Tea Thoughts countdown boxes and figured it was time to dive in. I also didn’t know that unsmoked lapsang souchong is a thing, probably because I don’t generally drink black teas and especially not typical lapsangs because I don’t generally like the heavy smokiness. So I’m really glad that this was in the countdown box, because I never would have tried it on my own!
This tea smells absolutely amazing. It’s malty, bready, and almost chocolatey. The taste is malty, bready, and sweet, with a slightly dry mouthfeel. It goes really great with spicy Chinese food – the natural sweetness balances out the spiciness.

Martin Bednář

This sounds so good!


It is! I liked it a lot!

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