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Having a cup of this at work this afternoon, not too bad for a chai matcha, I didn’t know what to expect of it really. Strong scent of cloves in the spices, definitely smells like a chai! Flavor is very chai like too, a nice blend of spice in here. I enjoy this one more than the cocoa one tbh, although the regular is still the best. Still have to try the pumpkin one at work, maybe on Halloween!

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Having a cup of this at work, so much for no caffeine lol, the previous cup ruined that as well, but I can’t fall asleep at my desk! So yeah, this was in order. Made with just under boiling water and stirred in about 1/3 tsp probably. This actually is not too bad! The smell is kind of weird, I swear it is the coconut sugar haha because it has an oily scent kind of. But the taste is mostly cocoa and the hint of spices. Not much matcha flavor going on, but it isn’t too bad otherwise. Almost like a dark hot chocolate. Hitting the spot for moi right now. And I think I’m waking up. Lol.

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My coworker brought some of these matchas to work today, so I am having a cup of this one right now! Made it hot, stirred in a portion of a teaspoon, and it is really quite good! This is my first experience with unflavored matcha, and it is tasty, very green tea tasting, seaweed with salt, and spinach with butter melting on it. The buttery aftertaste is quite nice. I am getting tons of energy as well, yay! Happy to have tried this, and will probably have it a few more times at work, not today though, don’t need that much caffeine!

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I got this in a swap with T.C. WAY earlier this year! It has just been hanging out in my fridge…I never tried it because upon sniffing it I could tell it was SPEARMINT matcha. I’m really picky about mint at times and generally strongly prefer peppermint! I decided to taste it this morning to make sure it is fresh before I pass it along to another Steepster in a swap! I prepared it as a hot latte with honey, and it is indeed fresh, and better than I expected! I suspect it would be AMAZING mixed with some HOT CHOCOLATE! :D

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Oh man! Making my mouth water!


Good! ;)

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color: lighter than the regular matcha
flavor: minty!

so this is my first matcha. well one of the 3 that i tried all at the same time (in small portions tho)

for me, it is pretty good and leaves me excited to try other flavored matchas! but the flavor of a good unflavored one (Davids Matcha Matsu) also makes me want to explore the other side too!

oh happy day! it kinda makes up for not getting any tea in the mail today :)

gotta say this about matcha: a little goes a long way!

thank you TC for adding this to the swap! and for the good-sized amount of it too :)

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I gave in to a stupid Groupon for this that I probably shouldn’t have. I got this and their normal matcha, which was kind of the reason I bought it. This is one of those gross pre-sweetened matchas where the first ingredient is a sugar of some sort (in this case coconut nectar) followed by matcha. It is actually lucuma spice, and not pumpkin spice. According to wikipedia, lucumas taste like maple and sweet potato, and so then I’d call this more like sweet potato pie sweetened matcha.

I mixed a tablespoon of this mix with water and coconut milk. I did sift it before preparing, hoping to cut out the chances of grittiness as mentioned by the only other reviewer of this stuff, but the sugar crystals did not go through. The spices are really nice though.

More than anything there’s just a weird aftertaste from some flavor in here. I don’t think it’s the matcha, unless it really can’t even handle the combination of 180 degree water, cooled down with 35 degree coconut milk.

At first I didn’t have any problem with grittiness but now I can feel it, no matter how much I stir it up again and again.

I think I’ll find a way to cook with this instead of drinking it, it would be perfect for baking I think. After about half of it, I just can’t take it anymore because that grittiness is actually getting caught in my throat. Gross.


Why don’t you use it for smoothies or something. I’ve been making mixed hot drinks using bottled ginger chai from 3rd street chai and boxed squash soup for lately that I really like. Just thinking of how to cover the bad taste and use what you’ve got.


Ugh, sorry it didn’t work out for you. I didn’t realize their matcha was already presweetened :(


I thought about smoothies but I think it’d be pretty good in shortbread or maybe if I make pumpkin cheesecake bars, to put it in the crust. I want to make pumpkin black bean soup soon, so I might throw it in there. But I can’t imagine it in a smoothie. Maybe banana and orange, but I prefer berry ones.

The ceremonial matcha that I also got is straight matcha, but their flavored ones are presweetened.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this sounds kind of good… =)


It is good, if they cut out a bit of the sugar so it wouldn’t be gritty it’d be even better!

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I had purchased a Google offer for Got Matcha, and I had to pick one of their flavored blends to use the offer. I went with this flavor because it sounded the best, and how can you ever go wrong with chocolate? Well, apparently you can. Honestly this doesn’t taste very much like chocolate at all, and the matcha flavor doesn’t come through either. All you can taste are what seems to be pumpkin pie spice. Maybe if this was marketed as a pumpkin pie spice latte/frappe blend it would be ok, but that’s not what I was looking for. Definitely won’t be buying again.

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Tried this brand for the first time today.
It smells like grass (not grassy tones but straight up GRASS and only grass)
Tastes like matcha….I like matcha so it works. Not the smoothest I’ve had but I can’t complain. Oddly enough I get a strong citrus note halfway through a sip…it stays for about a second then dissipates (not in the aftertaste). I think I like that though it’s a bit odd…


Actually, dropping this a few points. Some small “chunks” in the bottom of my cup…seems like not all of it was ground well enough.

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Ok, one of my fellow steepsters reminded me I had this hidden in the back of my tea cupboard (obviously hidden under way too much other tea). Had to dig it out to send her some so figured I’d give it another taste

The smell is 100% mint….it’s pretty overwhelming even to my poor sniffer.
The taste is 100% mint (notice a theme here?). I’m a fan of matcha and a fan of mint, but I think they may have messed up the proportions some with this. It’s pretty overwhelming on the mint part to my tastebuds. Not that that stopped me from drinking it ;)


you can mix it with a plain matcha ^^

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Like Got Matcha’s other flavored matcha blends, this one does not have a strong matcha taste. I still find it delicious, though. It has a really strong lemon and (especially) ginger taste. I’ve rated it slightly lower because you need more of it to make sure it has flavor. With the recommended measurements and the 50 percent off members discount, this one costs about $1/cup. Got Matcha’s regular matcha is about $0.33/cup.

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This is fairly undrinkable and like others have said it’s all because of the vague “spices” used. I’m not a huge fan of hot chocolate so I probably should have stayed away from this regardless but it just tastes strange. Had to get a second flavor when I bought this groupon deal but I’m afraid I can’t even touch this stuff. At least I know for the future.

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I was really excited to try this when I ordered their deal from Groupon. I was pretty disappointed. I don’t really taste the matcha, as the a ‘hint’ of spices overpowers the entire blend. It could REALLY do without the spices. The spices ruined it for me. Otherwise, it tastes alright before those spices kick in.

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This is my first experience with matcha besides genmaicha/matcha blends. I read the directions and saw that it recommended a half teaspoon and I promptly ignored that and dumped a hefty teaspoon into my mug. That was stupid. The matcha has sifted to the bottom and I’ve been adding more and more hot water to my mug so its kinda like I’m imitating multiples steepings. I know a whisk is usually used as well as a sifter so I might think of getting those. The tea itself is quite nice despite my mistakes, its vegetal and sweet and just tastes healthy. It reminds me of the tea version of naked green machine juice but a lot less sweet.


LOL your post made me laugh – I have struggled with Matcha before myself!


Yeah it was definitely a learning experience, it felt like a bad chemistry experiment. I’m gonna get the correct matcha accouterments.

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In an effort to get rid of this tea (I have trouble throwing out teas even if I don’t like them), I put a tablespoon of it in my smoothie this morning. Unfortunately it was a berry smoothie, and the flavours didn’t go well together. If I made just a plain old banana smoothie, it might have tasted better.

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This is slightly better flavour-wise than Got Matcha’s Matcha Chai, but it has the same problem with grittiness. I tried it both as a latte with rice milk and by itself with water, and it was less than thrilling both ways. As I’ve said before, Got Matcha’s regular matcha is great, but the two flavoured ones I received with the package I bought leave a lot to be desired. And again, this one is pre-sweetened, which I don’t like. Definitely won’t be buying anything other than the regular matcha from Got Matcha in the future. I was tempted by the Matcha Cacao, but I suspect it’ll be the same story.

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This tea was disappointing after the enjoyable regular matcha I got from Got Matcha. I haven’t tried it with milk yet (it’ll be soy, almond, or rice milk when I do try it), but I’m not sure it would improve it much anyway. I don’t like that it’s pre-sweetened, the spice blend isn’t as nice as some chais I’ve had, you can hardly taste the matcha, and you get to drink gritty sediment by the time you get to the end of the cup because the spices haven’t been ground finely enough.

Also, don’t even bother trying to sift it through a strainer and prepare it like regular matcha: you’ll be left with spices that won’t fit through the strainer, and it doesn’t froth at all with a whisk.

I’ll up my rating if it tastes better with milk, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m also reluctant now to try the pumpkin matcha that also came with the package. Thank goodness the full-sized regular matcha was excellent!

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