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So, the last “Market Under The Stars” was on Thursday. For those who haven’t seen when I’ve written about this before, it’s a night market filled with tons of local food trucks, bakers, distilleries, restaurants, etc. that put together artisan/fancy “tasting menus” of their foods. You buy a set of tickets, and then trade the tickets in for food you want to sample. It’s a REALLY fun time!

This last market I went pretty all out, and I sampled:

- An ice cream cookie cup, which a homemade orange and pineapple icecream
- Perogies with a french onion and creamy dill sauce from my favourite foodtruck
- A cauliflower and pickelled onion taco (vegan)
- Some coconut and mango sticky rice
- A blackberry cheesecake homemade fruit popsicle
- A “Lucky Elephant” (sugared/candied popcorn) flavoured donut

And of course this, which was an “artisan” and “homemade” iced tea from a local restaurant. I wish I knew more about what was in the tea and how they made it; I really liked the taste but honestly I didn’t get much ‘tea’ flavour out of it at all. Now, if it’s a tisane that would make a lot of sense to me but if it’s supposed to be like a green/black/white/etc. tea then…? Of course I just simply can’t be sure what type of tea it was since they didn’t specify.

As far as what it did taste like, I thought that this one had pretty distinct notes of sweet apples and tart cranberries. It was also just a hint minty, but there was fresh muddled up mint leaves mixed into the tea that I was able to visibly see. Again, not bad – but just left me with some questions about what it was supposed to be.


I’m gonna have to use a tea towel to clean up this Market Under the Stars drool.

Roswell Strange

It’s honestly the best! There’s only four every summer – but they’re SO FUN.. And tasty!!!


Holy crap the Market Under the Stars sounds dreamy… well, mostly the food does. ha

Mastress Alita

I go absolutely crazy for food markets like that. All my vacations are more about eating than anything else, hahaha!

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