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drank pu'er by Anteeo Tea
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I liked the tea, until I learned about the plastic tea bags, and now I’m grossed out. The box only mentions tea bags; not what they are made of. I’ll be sending the remaining 9, of 16, to the burgeoning landfill.

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Sipdown (233)!

A little “generic white tea” like today, though the finish of the soup has a nice tang to it that tastes a little bit like nectarines or other stone fruits, with that edge of acidity. The mouthfeel is pretty thick and creamy even if I don’t think there’s much of a cream flavour to the sip.

It was nice trying this; but I think it’ll be a bit forgettable long term. Kudos to it for being a pretty good bagged white option though. Those are hard to come by.

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Thanks for the tea MissB!

I tried this one last night; it was pretty nice! The dominant flavour note with this one is hay/straw. Like, lots of hay and straw. It’s a very full bodied, prominent flavour notes that almost eclipses the other things going on here. That said, there was also a softer, sweet nuttyness and some earthy undertones. As the tea was really cooling down/getting room temperature I also started to pick up on some lingering fruit notes in the finish. Almost peachy? But also somewhat reminded me of strawberry leaf.

I’d call this a pretty peaceful cuppa overall; something to sip on when you want the flavour notes of a white tea with more body/intensity. Very nice for a bagged tea, as well.

Song Pairing:

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drank Aged White Tea by Anteeo Tea
447 tasting notes

Sweet, nutty, almond flavour that gives way to wood and hay. It reminds me strongly of a mellow Keemun. Smooth and delicious.

Flavors: Almond, Hay, Sweet

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Aged White Tea by Anteeo Tea
817 tasting notes

Both dry leaf and brewed tea have a barn-y aroma that I am not familiar with in a white tea.

Medium mouthfeel and strong white tea flavour- reminiscent of the Scottish Daleroch tea I tried a few weeks ago. Very soft and delicate sweetness trails into the aftertaste. Leather note.

Flavors: Barnyard, Leather, Sweet

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 13 OZ / 375 ML

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drank Aged White Tea by Anteeo Tea
1496 tasting notes

Steepster, I love you. I’m not sure why it isn’t mutual… I mean, I really love you. I send you new peeps all the time, I talk you up constantly, I support you wherever possible, I’m here for you…

… and you seem to consistently lose my tea ratings in thanks.

This is one of those reviews. I know I’ve reviewed it – I know where I was sitting when I reviewed it just a few weeks back when I bought this. And yet…

So, yes, I’ll get over it. Just please, tell me, how can I support you, to support me, oh lovely Steepster? :)

(BTW: this tea is quite lovely, I’m really enjoyed the aged and/or smoked whites, it’s surprisingly sweet and robust).

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drank Raw Pu'er by Anteeo Tea
149 tasting notes

This isn’t in the database, and I’ve never added tea to the database before, so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong….but here goes! lol
Another tea from Plunkybug (Thanks so much!). I loved how easy it was to brew this, as I’m used to the whole rinsing and ceremony of puerh, which I do love, but for a quick cup, the ease was so lovely. :)
The first cup had that raw puerh scent that I oh so love… there was a slight bite on the finish, which was really nice, too.
This is an overall really nice tea that may not be as complex as some raw puerhs out there, but is definitely a great cup.
Thanks so much for sending this my way, Plunkybug!


The nice thing is that this company is local to me. And for bagged tea, it is some good stuff!

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I received this tea from Plunkybug (Thank you!!), and it was really, really delightful!
The fact that it’s bagged really doesn’t come into play, as it tastes like a loose leaf completely… just a really lovely white tea. :)
It had that slight earthiness that I really love in some whites, along with a very nice scent.
So happy that I got to try this!


Glad you like! I had this as a sample at a demo in a store locally, and I was surprised to find out it was bagged. Like, really I’m a bit of a tea snob when I hear of bags but this is quite good surprised. Evan and I got to talking tea, and he ended up giving me a few samples of the various teas, with extras to share, so I am glad the people I have shared with so far have liked to, and looked beyond the bag. :)

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drank White Peony by Anteeo Tea
761 tasting notes

I first had this tea a few months ago, at a store demo. My little sample cup was poured from a lovely little kettle. It was not until after I had taken my initial sips that I realized that the tea I was drinking had come from a bag! Well, a clear sachet style one. I was impressed! I talked with the person there about tea for a while and learned the company was new, and local to me. What a plus! I was even enjoying the cup gasp UNSWEETENED! So Evan kindly gave me a few samples of each tea they currently offer so I could put a tasting note up, and share with fellow tea loving friends.

Shortly after I got my samples, I made this, and I messed up the steeping so horribly, I felt really bad. This tea that I had loved so much before was not tasting awful because of my failed preparation! In the meantime, indigobloom put up her note on the aged white, and how much she enjoyed it, that I felt I needed to get over myself with my previous bad steep, and try it again…because I had really truly liked the sample at the market.

I’m off work today, and it seemed like a good day to make this. I would not be rushed as I am in the morning. I could take time and try to make this right. So…here I am, drinking this tea…

I decided to try this unsweetened again, as I had in the market. I managed to do a good job with this steep, thankfully! I have a full bodied cup, that is still somewhat light, and a mild drying sensation on my tongue. The flavors are a little earthy and a side sweet, but that could be the lingering taste from my orange flower and cardamom yogurt. I’m not sure if the mild spice is from the yogurt or the tea, but I’d say there is almost a peppery note, so not the yogurt. I have found with the tea cooling, I get more woody notes. The tasting notes I was given say there is a note of almond, and I can get behind that, if I think of the nut almond vs the flavouring marzipan kind of almond. That could be what I’m feeling is woody. It’s slightly bitter and slightly sweet, with a nice balance of each.

If you like straight teas, I would suggest this one. Get over that it is bagged. The sachet is large bough that the tea leaves can fully expand. It’s a nice, single origin tea that was carefully chosen. It’s nice to have on hand.

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drank Aged White Tea by Anteeo Tea
1759 tasting notes

Yet another from the traveling box. I really need to get it moving again. Hopefully after I get paid either tomorrow or Monday.

Anyhow. I liked this. It was rather rich and malty for a white yet still had the white tea(silver needle, I think?) characteristics I used to love. Maybe this is how I can fall back into whites? There was a time I adored them all!
I got two steeps out of it, and probably could have gone for three or four if there had been time.
I wonder who put this in the box. Since I’m the first to review anything from this company…


I did. They are a local company to me. It’s good for a bagged tea, right? I haven’t put a note up because I messed up the brewing the first time I made it, but had it in store as a demo and it was really tasty.


Oh nice they’re Canadian!!


Yes, they are based in Victoria, here. I got samples from Evan, after I had tried some at a local market demo. I really liked it them, and was surprised it was a bagged tea. They are only carrying a few teas, but they are very particular which teas they use, and source from. I asked for extras so I could pass some on. I feel bad I have not put reviews up…but the times I have had them, I have been rushed and not paid proper attention to brewing and tasting…so I am waiting on a good time to do it, sit down with the materials, and do a proper tasting.

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