This tea is quite good! When I started with tea, I found that I enjoyed the darker and more predictable tastes of ripe puer. Aswell, I didn’t have patience for bitterness. Only now, am I finding my way back to raws, and really appreciating what they have to offer, but I think it’ll be a little bit before I turn to young raws as a daily drinker, though I’m getting there.

This tea is wonderfull, I’ve never tasted a puer from anywhere other than China, so this was a welcomed change. It doesn’t taste too different to a chinese raw, but I would have had to have drank raw puer for years before I could tell you the actual differences in taste and mouthfeel that I found. However, what I can tell you was that it was a very good tea.

I was reading while drinking this, so I don’t remember many specifics, however, this is a very fruity puer, light, and with a little bit of bitterness. The bitterness in this tea is not unpleasant at all, it’s there and noticable, but works well with the flavours in the tea. The specific fruits, hmm… i’d say a tiny bit of pineapple, mellon as sort of a base note, and just a hint of stone fruits.

This tea was wonderful, and I’m so happy to finally have time to drink tea once more. School is out until the first of january, and since I finished my semester it’s a break without worry, so I’ll deffinately be taking lots of time to catch up on tea and reading, haha.

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I am a student and photographer who has recently gained a passion for tea!

I will try my best to give the most detailed reviews for every tea, as I too know the struggle of wanting to experience a tea through the words of another person.

I will usually do my tasting notes on the weekend, so that I can do a full undistracted tasting note without being stressed about school work. So Look forward until then!

Haha, check out my instagram posted below if you’d like to see what I’m actually up to, I post a photo once weekly!





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