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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
2 tasting notes

I feel like Im being a huge wuss tonight and I want to be self indulgent without ingesting any caffeine, so Forever Nuts is my choice. I know its been said before, but the sweet cinnemony cookie taste is really pleasing for my inner child. I hit it with some milk, so it didnt get overly appley (an oversteeping error I have made in the past) and this is definitely how I prefer it.

The first thing that always hits me about this tea is the cinnemon. I shouldnt say it hits me because its not abrasive at all, its a solid presence but very gentle and it stays with me after I’ve swallowed the tea, not in a hot cinnemon way but in a smoothe, baking with allspice and cinnemon way. I deserve this tea tonight.

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There isnt a single ingredient in this tea that I dont like, and they combine beautifully :) The cocoa nib/vanilla/sarsaparilla flavour is smooth and inviting hot or iced, and the playful fruit notes at the end keep it from feeling medicinal or somber. Does it get one in the mood for love? As a hopeless romantic and a lover of tea, its my opinion that tea drinkers in general are especially in tune with their emotions and bodies… and this tea sure doesnt hurt ;)

as a side note, by browser doesnt seem to want to let me update the preparation details, so anything listed outside these notes should be ignored. I steeped according to directions, 98 degrees for 6 minutes :)


How licoricey is this one? I saw it at my DT and everything in it sounds delicious… except the licorice root and anise.


I feel like I would have to drink it again to properly assess the licorice content, I wasnt focusing a lot on it when I drank it the other night. Licorice root doesnt bother me in tea, so if its offensive to your pallate maybe you would find it more prodominent than I did, but as far as I recall it just seemed to have a mellow sarsparilla taste, closer to molassess than licorice. My DT doesnt have it in bulk, just the collector vials, but if yours has it in store I would say give it a stab, I think you’ll find it pleasent. If they dont have it in bulk I’d be more than happy to send you a sachet :)

I’ll steep it again soon and make sure I note how I feel about the licorice content


Hmm, interesting. It’s not in bulk at my store, only in the vial thingies, but I really feel compelled to try it (I do most teas) even though it has the dreaded licorice…

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In a crazy busy life, tea is my sanctuary.

My love of tea developed slowly in my childhood when I toddled around drinking luke warm tea to be like mom. Now it is usually I who pops by with a new tea suggestion for my mother and sister, and as a recent breakthrough, my coffee loving father. I am young and busy (what youth isnt busy now?) and at a time in my life where I live every day like a whirlwind, tea is my constant companion. I always have a full travel mug, and a well worn mug in my cupboard at home (cracks and stains be damned, I love it!). During the day it invigorates me, at night it relaxes me. I celebrate with it, I soothe with it, and I love to share it with everyone.

Whatever else I do with my life I will spend it loving and exploring tea.



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