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With a little bit of sugar and creamer, this is one of my favorite mellow black teas. Not the most outstanding flavor, but still very delectable!

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I liked this one quite a bit! Shared it with my dad, who doesn’t really go for fruity/flowery teas. He took his plain, and I added a bit of suger/creamer to mine.
His review was that it had a good essence flavor of strawberry, but it wasn’t overpowering the tea. The fruit left a nice aftertaste and he enjoyed it greatly.
My review is that with my add-ins, it tasted more like strawberries and cream, and I liked it a lot. I agree that it isn’t an overpowering strawberry, but thats what lets it stand out from other fruity teas. It’s very laid back and calming, a sweet dessert.
Not for someone looking to get knocked on their bum by strawberry flavor.

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Since I’m no longer terrified of Pu Erhs, I can’t wait to try this one! I think it’d be really great blended w/ Numi’s Organic Chocolate Pu Erh.:)

Namue Sundragon

I still don’t fully understand what exactly a ‘pu-erh" is, but it didn’t taste all that different from black tea. I guess I can thank my local Teavana lady for convincing me to branch out!

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One of the first teas I purchased from Adagio. Very good beginner green. I mixed it with some spearmint and no matter what the ratio it’s delicious!

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A very good herbal tea- not too potent of a flavor. I’ll admit that I drink this when I get cramps- for some reason it always makes me feel better _

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One of my favorites from Adagio! Very powerful blueberry flavor, very tasty if that’s what you are looking for. I found it made an AMAZING iced tea with a bit of sugar. Yum! =3

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