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I would definitely recommend this tea blend. I love the individual teas on their own as well. My opinion is that you should buy the 2 teas separately, as opposed to when they sell the blend together already mixed in the bag. It tastes better when you do it yourself because in the store they mix it by weight but at home you do it by teaspoon so the ratios actually get screwed up due to maharaja being heavier. Anyway, I drink this blend hot, or iced. No milk, and hardly ever add sugar. Occasionally I add rock sugar, but just a tiny amount. I do 2 tsp of each tea in 16 ounces of near boiling water, for about 4 minutes. And it is perfect. Yummy. You can resteep it but it will be weak. Oh, and they stopped using artificial flavor in the tea even though their website still has it listed, they did not update the website yet.

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Pretty much tastes like a piece of French toast with cardamom, coriander and lemon on it. The coriander, lemon, and cardamom notes are strong. I did not add any sweetener or milk. Drank it hot. I would recommend it, but I think you should try a cup in the store first if you live near one.

Flavors: Cardamom, Coriander, Coriander Seed, Lemon

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I just got this, and drank a couple of cups already. Once with almond milk, and once without milk. Both times I drank it hot, not cold. The artificial almond flavor is overwhelming, and that is really the main flavor l taste, and smell. There is a tiny bit of a chocolate flavor as well. I doubt I would purchase this again.

Flavors: Almond, Artificial

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At first I really really liked this tea.. Then earlier this Fall, it was on sale for 75% off so I bought a lot thinking maybe it would be discontinued.. I bought it a few batches at a time, as I saw it was still on sale. It tasted different- not as good. Blander, less cinnamony, more artificial. Teavana customer service told me they changed the formula/ recipe for it recently. Also the new bags say to use more tea leaves per cup than the old bags. So now I am stuck with tea that does not taste the same as the one I really liked. My solution: Bought cinnamon sticks to break up and put in the tin. This made me less disappointed about my purchase, but I do not think I will buy it again since they changed the flavor. Overall review: bland, artificial vanilla-like flavor, not as much chocolate, and not so much chai flavor anymore either.

Flavors: Artificial, Chocolate, Creamy

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 4 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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