7 Tasting Notes

Second try; now that my tongue isn’t being assaulted by foreign flavors and can taste the tea itself, I find the blandness replaced by a tartness, like unripened strawberries (without much strawberry flavor) that ends with passion-fruit tanginess. I don’t find it that interesting; the only fruit flavor is that hint of passion-fruit, and that tartness could easily have come from some lemon juice.

Certainly wouldn’t get this if I had to actually pay money (got it for free); time to upgrade to a better quality rooibos. I’m going to take takgoti’s advice and try Ocean of Wisdom if I can find it.


Oooh, do it! Their online store seems to be down right now. Hopefully they’ll get it back up soon.

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First time experiencing this pyramidal tea bags… kinda neat.

Liquor has amber red color, smells a bit of passion fruit…. can’t really smell much strawberry, and I still don’t know what rooibos smells like by itself so I wouldn’t even know what odor to look for.

Maybe its because I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with it, but it did not have much flavor. A faint tanginess that was sort of reminiscent of passion-fruit aftertaste but not much else. I’ll have to try it again by itself to make sure.

Not much of a loss if it IS bland, got it for free.


Tea Forte uses these super cute pyramidal tea bags and they’re pretty good. A little more expensive – well, a lot more expensive since you didn’t pay for these [nice] – but the quality of the tea is higher.

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drank Irish Breakfast by Trader Joe's
7 tasting notes

Cheap and economical, I bought an 80 teabag box for 2 dollars. I have been drinking this tea as my morning tea with some Silk soymilk and my usual breakfast of oat bran and fruit or toast.

2 bags in 2 cups water in a roiling boil, steeped till the liquor is opaque and black. Smells like roses, though its the kind of tea I don’t spend any time appreciating because of the morning rush, and I feel that it doesn’t mind at all. Stout but not amazing, its the kind of tea I can rely on – it won’t surprise me but it won’t disappoint me.

Certainly not overqualified, but definitely under-appreciated, it makes my mornings less complicated by being so simple.

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My first foray into rooibos.

Smells wonderful, but mostly of cinnamon, ginger, and berries… I don’t know what rooibos smells like and so I couldn’t tell if there was a rooibos aroma hidden under all the heavy spices. Pleasant, fills rooms.

Nice orange red color.

Tastes relatively bland though. No initial flavors hit the tongue, other than a slight vague sweetness, and as you swallow you pick up a hint of pepper (probably from the piquante peppers in it) and tart berry, but not much. A bit astringent, not unpleasantly, leaves mouth just a bit dry, which I like on cold days.

Rather disappointing overall, would not buy again.


I have become a huge fan of rooibos as of late. I find it extremely comforting. It’s also near impossible to mess up the steeping of it as well, which means that I always know I’m in for a good cup.

Samovar makes one of my absolute favorites called Ocean of Wisdom. I’d recommend trying it out if you’re looking around.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’d also like to say I enjoy your reviews quite a bit more than I should; loaded with pertinent review information and also fun to read, keep it up!


Oh, wow. I think I’m blushing. Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoy them!

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drank 100% Natural Green by Lipton
7 tasting notes

First green tea I tried and actually spent the time to think about. Its grassy, but doesn’t taste bitter (so long as you don’t steep it too long), but is relatively ho-hum… They are tea bags, so second steep and beyond is worthless (no more tea powder left from the first steep). I’d rather try something new.

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My body is my temple, and tea is the organic and non-toxic cleanser I use to keep things spotless. Wait, this analogy is horrible…

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