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drank Campfire Blend by Verdant Tea
2 tasting notes

Today I learned that the HPA axis is the main powerhouse for the stress response in the human brain. By activating it, there is an increase in stress hormone – cortisol – release. What I didn’t know was that the latest and newest research surrounding nerve cells is showing that there may be plasticity within them. This means that over-activating these cells can lead to increased adaptability so that the cells can go back to their most comfortable state. I thought this was interesting because most of the research has said that the cells become less sensitive instead of adapting. This is completely unrelated to this tasting note, I just thought it was interesting. You learn something new everyday, folks!

Anyhow, I am sitting here sipping this delightful cup of Campfire Blend. The strong musky scent of cinnamon hits me before I even take a sip. I can taste hints of vanilla, ginger and rice that quickly fade and I am left with the lingering cinnamon. It’s a nice tea but I can only handle one cup of this and I’ll be ready to move on. It reminds me of watching the gentle snow fall outside while bundled up in a blanket listening to Ben Howard.

Happy tea drinking! I hope everyone is having a nice evening.

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I think it is only appropriate that my first tea note, ever, be dedicated to the person who introduced me to this highly addictive, relaxing and welcoming world of tea – Courtney.

One of the most memorable tea adventures that we’ve shared was when she first made me a cup of Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black. I patiently watched as Courtney picked up the bag of tea from the shelf, peeled open the gold flaps of the bag, shook it and took a big whiff. She looked at me and told me that – after months of trying real teas – that I could finally have a cup of TWMB.

I am not sure if it was the sweetness of the initial first breath that I took as I held the mug close to my mouth for the first sip, or the way she stared me down to make sure that I would lick the mug clean, but I instantaneously knew that this was a very special tea. She informed me that this particular occasion was very significant because this would be the last cup of this tea – one of her favourites! I felt honoured and made sure to savour in every last drop. Needless to say, it was a phenomenally smooth and pleasantly sweet cup of tea that satisfied every expectation that one could have.

While still attempting to recover from the loss of the original TWMB, Courtney stumbled upon this tea, which we ordered immediately and retrieved from the post only hours after its delivery. We made our first cup of this tea tonite and the verdict is in, folks – we love it! It is the reincarnated version of TWMB! I foresee this being a permanent staple tea in our cupboards and on our shelves!

I want to thank you for reading my lengthly first tea note.
I hope your tea was warm and your chair was comfortable.

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YAY! welcome to the boards Alexa! So glad to meet you and look forward to hearing about your adventures with tea :)


Welcome! :) Also, that’s a great tea to start out with. (Casually browses the TTC website…)


hahaha cavo i was totally doing that today too


Yay! This is definitely a tea I need to look into. :)


It’s so easy to spend $25 on samples. I think my first sample order was more like $40 of samples, and now I’ve only got one tea left. /sniff/

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Welcome, I’d like to thank you for visiting. I hope your chair is as comfortable as mine is.

I was introduced to Steepster by a seasoned expert on White Rhino – Courtney.

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson



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