12 Tasting Notes

drank Pineapple Oolong by Tea Licious
12 tasting notes

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I am being very bad with keeping up with my tasting notes, and how else can I be sure which of LiberTEAS’ teas I have tried?

This is my third cup of tea today. One was an old favourite (three lemon green), one I am reserving comment on until I have it again (a mate, which I had never tried before), and this one is just delicious. I will definitely be resteeping the leaves when I’m done this cup – this tea is so pleasant and sweet! I actually expected it to be slightly more earthy from the smell but it wasn’t at all. The aftertaste almost reminds me of Dragonwell somehow…

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I picked this tea to try this morning because of the unusual look of all the stems. The toasty, almost nutty flavour was the perfect thing to warm me up on this frosty morning.

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Backlog! My partner and I had a pot of this yesterday (picked from the teas I recieved from LiberTEAS), and she was so amazed by the vivid colour. It reminded me a bit of fruit punch, haha! The tea itself was a bit tart, but extremely flavourful, which was to be expected from the extremely strong smell. I might have liked it better to taste the orange flavours more, but my partner insists that this should be one that I buy again – she loves it!

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My partner is going to be jealous that I’m trying this one without her!

This is my first log from the huuuge variety of teas that I got from LiberTEAs, and one that I knew I’d enjoy as soon as I opened the package to have a sniff… Mmmm.

This tastes more nutty and caramel-y than chocolatey to me, which is not what I expected from the smell, but still very enjoyable. I decided to try this one out instead of drinking hot chocolate – the snow is coming down like crazy – and it’s definitely a suitable replacement. Warm and sweet and soothing. I’m glad I brewed enough for a big mugful.

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Mmm, Christmas tea! :) My partner put this in my stocking. She’s done pretty well to find teas for me that I enjoy, and you generally can’t go wrong with lemon.

I don’t find this as strong as some lemon tea I’ve had (I recently tried David’s Teas La La Lemon in store, which is lemon with black, and found that had a much stronger lemon flavour, and I also have a terrible habit of adding dollar store lemon tisanes to other teas) but combined with the green rooibos I find this a really soothing anytime tea, since there’s no caffiene.

I do think that I need to get my hands on some rooibos that isn’t mixed with anything else, though, since this is the second green rooibos-based tea that I’ve really enjoyed – the red rooibos I’ve tried hasn’t been nearly as appetizing to me, although I don’t know if it’s just due to the blends I’ve tasted it in.

The green rooibos is what I believe gives this tea its “fresh” aftertaste (I’m not sure how else to describe it), which really makes this tea different from other lemony teas for me. This is probably one that’s going to turn into a regular for me.

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The third of my birthday teas from my lovely partner! (The second was genmaicha, which I neglected to log since I was drinking it while frantically studying for finals) To celebrate being done finals, I decided to try this last tea. From the smell alone, it was the one I was most excited about.

I read on here that many people prefer this tea steeped for less time, and the long recommended steeping time (5-6 minutes) made me a bit wary, so I taste tasted it after 30 seconds of steeping. I couldn’t really taste a whole lot at that point, and was hoping to be able to taste the strawberry a bit more, so I steeped it for another 30 seconds. Unfortunately the strawberry comes through more from the aroma of the tea then the taste, but I like the flavour of the silver needles which does come through quite well so I don’t mind too much. I am planning to try resteeping for the recommended time after I finish this cup, to see if it brings out the strawberry any more.

Edit: Tried a longer steep time, it didn’t really bring out the strawberry any more, so I’ll probably just stick with somewhere between 30s – 1 minute. It takes best when I take a deep inhale to get the strawberry smell as I drink. Still quite enjoyable, will definitely be drinking this again soon.

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drank Orange Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
12 tasting notes

One of three teas my lovely partner bought for me for my birthday! This is a super sweet, orangey flavour – kind of reminiscent of kool aid. I wasn’t expecting to be a huge fan of this one from the smell, but it turned out better than I thought it would! I find this one a bit too “dessert-y” for regular drinking, but definitely nice for when I’m craving sweet orange things.

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I am drinking pots of this stuff while studying. It’s not my favourite tea, but it is tasty and warm enough to keep me going. I make a four-cup pot full with three bags of this, and one bag of a generic lemon tisane to add extra lemon flavour. It doesn’t need any sweetening and goes down nice and easy.

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