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If I had the money, I would buy this tea and drink it every morning instead of my usual PG Tips that I buy. These “tea temples” create a lovely-tasting, strong English Breakfast tea which just hits the spot. Naturally, I added a little milk and the orange-colour of the tea was wonderful. I love strong tea and sometimes with commercial teabags, you have to leave the tea to steep for a long while before getting a decent colour to it! This is a definite recommendation to anyone who loves strong English breakfast tea!

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drank Super Fruit by Teapigs
10 tasting notes

If you’ve read my other notes, you will know that I have a sweet tooth! I love sweet teas, and this one ticks that box. This tea is deliciously fruity and sweet and you can truly taste all the different berries that have gone into making this tea. I would definitely recommend it to someone who likes fruit teas, but if you don’t, I’d steer clear. The sweet taste may be overwhelming to some. I left the teabag in until I’d finished the pot of tea and the taste never became bitter.

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I was sent a sample of Matcha powder from Teapigs for their Matcha May campaign that they did in May (oh what a surprise…)I did a review on this tea on my blog and also my YouTube channel (where I upload regular tea reviews) and I was disappointed in this tea. It has been so hyped up, I thought it was going to be amazing. This tea has an incredible number of supposed health benefits. I made a cup of this tea in my mug, and the tea leaves just didn’t disappear. This could be due to lack of whisk (it was a student house after all!) and the taste was extremely bitter. I saw after making the reviews that people were just doing a shot of the matcha, which makes a lot more sense! You wouldn’t make this tea for enjoyment, it’s definitely just for the health benefits.

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I was disappointed by this tea. After reading some of the other comments about it, maybe I didn’t steep it for long enough. For me, and I do have an extreme sweet tooth, the taste really wasn’t that chocolatey. I will try it again and steep it for longer, but my first impression wasn’t brilliant. The taste of the tea itself was delicious and I did add milk, which improved it slightly. I was tempted to add a sweetener in it to see if it made a difference and maybe in my next cup I will try that. It’s definitely worth a try, it just didn’t taste how I expected it to.

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This tea was ok. I usually like Rooibos tea, and I have an extremely sweet tooth, so I was excited to try this tea from my sample box that I received for Christmas. I firstly tried the tea without milk. There was a distinct lack of sweetness in the tea, which I found odd considering it’s supposed to be a crème caramel flavoured tea. I then added milk and was still disappointed. Although the taste was slightly creamier, the tea itself still wasn’t as sweet as I would like and, to me, didn’t taste like a crème caramel at all. My housemate tried my tea, and she has less of a sweet tooth than myself, and she disagreed with me, saying it did taste like a crème caramel, so I suppose it’s all up to personal preference!

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It’s a shame that this tea is a limited edition! The blend of Darjeeling and Assam is truly lovely. I was worried that this tea would be bitter but it isn’t at all. The taste of the tea isn’t heavy at all, although it is strong. It is much lighter than a standard English breakfast tea.

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I was very excited when I saw this tea. I sampled it in the shop and thought it was wonderful! When I got it home, I realised how little like mulled wine the tea tasted. Don’t get me wrong, I think the tea is lovely and delicious in its own right, but if it’s meant to taste like mulled wine, I don’t feel as though that was fulfilled.

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This is one of my favourite teas. I love it so much! Not only delicious warm, but also very tasty when ice cold. Perfect for summer months :)

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This is a delicious peppermint tea. It’s not too bitter and perfect to have when you may have eaten too much for dinner! A lovely peppermint flavour and I tend to leave the teabag sat in the mug, so it gets quite strong!

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I have to add a sweetener to this tea, but I love it if it’s cold outside and I need something warming. The tea is spicy and tastes like Christmas! I love this tea! Also perfect with a splash of milk.

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