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Probably the best and very simple black tea I’ve ever had. I tried a second cup with cream just for fun, and it was good, but I think the first cup was best. I went back to California Tea House and they were out. I hope they get more soon!

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I love supporting anything from the US! This is a for real Oolong. You lose nothing by leaving Tiawan with this Oolong. Nice work, would buy again.

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I have tried a few of these and it always sounds good, but I never really like Milk Oolong. I keep thinking that I just haven’t found the right one, so I tried this one after reading such good reviews, but honestly I’m still not liking it. It has a milky flavor, but it really tastes like spoiled milk to me. Am I the only one that feels that way?

American Tea Room

Did you get this tea directly from us? It is a shame you cannot appreciate this tea. As you can see by the vast majority of other reviews found this to be a delightful tea, but then again it is not for everyone – especially if your tastes run more toward flavored teas or herbal infusions. If you did get this directly from us we are more than happy to send you something that might be more to your liking.


That’s really cool of you. I got it from a friend of mine who wasn’t crazy about it either. It’s probably just us because I see other people like it.

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I don’t drink a lot of ‘flavored’ tea because I usually find the flavors to taste fake, but my curiosity got the best of me after reading California Tea House’s description of this one. I don’t know if this has any unnatural flavors or not, but if it does, I can’t taste them. This tea is truly delicious.

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