5 Tasting Notes

drank Spiced Chai by Trader Joe's
5 tasting notes

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drank Vanilla Caramel by Bigelow
5 tasting notes

The first time I tried this, I did not like it at all. It tasted overly sweet, chemical-y and went immediately out of my usual rotation. However, after finishing my first box of Trader Joe’s Vanilla and Cinnamon, and unable to buy another at the time, I gave this one another shot, and I’m very glad I did.

It’s a nice alternative to my usual morning tea, with stronger dark notes, and a nice burnt caramel overtone.

Flavors: Caramel, Dark Bittersweet

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 16 OZ / 473 ML

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This is absolutely my favorite tea, and I drink at least one cup a day. As it’s a Trader Joe’s seasonal, I had to stock up, and currently my stash holds about 12 boxes of it, not including the one that’s open.

This is a perfect morning tea, though I’m well aware I brew it for longer than recommended, I like it strong, and I like to bring out the more bitter notes of the black tea itself. While this is sweet on its own, a spoonful of raw honey makes it amazing, and gives it just the boost to get me started on my day.

It’s also lovely to unwind with, as just the calming scents of the cinnamon and vanilla when its brewing are enough to make one relax. The cinnamon is very subtle, supporting the vanilla and complementing it, unlike Trader Joe’s other cinnamon offerings (Specifically the cinnamon tempest and the harvest blend).

Flavors: Vanilla

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Picked this one up last night, and the new packaging is quite vague about what the flavor notes are. Loving black teas anyway, I picked it up for something new to try.

I’ll admit, I’m underwhelmed. I was excited when I opened the pouch and could smell lemon and something floral, and I figured the warmer black tea notes would come out when it brewed. They did not. I tried it first with nothing in it, then with a small bit of raw honey with very little noticeable difference. It’s a very light kind of tea. I suppose some would think it’s refreshing, but when I rely on my morning cuppa to kick me like a mule into wakefulness, this just didn’t stack up.

It might be nice in summertime, drank cold. I think with a mint leaf or two it would be lovely. I’ll try it again when the weather gets warmer.

Flavors: Flowers, Lemon Zest, Vanilla

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 16 OZ / 473 ML

If you like black iced teas, this makes a pretty good one— it’s my daughter’s favorite.

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