Today’s tea was picked with lazy luxurious mornings in mind. I started with a hot, refreshing shower after picking out just the right outfit for the wedding this afternoon. Got wonderfully soft and squeaky clean. Wandered my house in first my towel and then my mid-thigh length crème silk robe while boiling water and finding something to nibble one. Roommates woke up finally so there was passing of BPal since I’m letting Christine sell the very few I own that I didn’t like.

The house is being shown again today and the roommates have left as well, so I’m laying on my bed enjoying the wonders of the tea and silence.

The above picture is actually from during the second pot of this tea. The first pot steeped to about twenty-five minutes was almost so dark you couldn’t see the leaves in detail and the flower in the center at all. Which tells you a bit about the first pot off the bat. This tea shouldn’t be steeped as long I think. The smell that reaches your nose the first time you pour it is strong and heady with a very soft sweet vibe. It’s incredibly a lavender smell. Given the normal long steeping this one is actually much too strong and bitter in all truth, leaving a dry taste in your mouth.

Second pot left to steep while I was neatening up my room a little for the walk through, writing up this post, and of course taking the picture about is actually much prettier, smells softly of only the hibiscus but has almost no taste. I may end up giving this flavor another try with a much shorter first pot steeping time, but with the touchy first pot and almost nonexistent second (when each is supposed to steep three pots) I’m not a really big fan of it.

Three more until my Numi sampling is done….and I just noticed doing this the scrapbook layout changed. Plus, scrapbook no longer has it’s own connected webpage from live journal but has been integrated into the mainframe of the live journal site. Interesting.

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Sail me on a silver sun
Where I know that I’m free
Show me that I’m everywhere
And get me home for tea

— The Beatles, “All Too Much”


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