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Far from the best Dragonwell to hit my tasters. Quite green aroma both dry and steeped, with less sweetness and subtlety than I prefer. The initial sips are very leafy but without a lot of tea flavor. The woody character masks the sweetness that I can taste just under the surface. Post-sip, I taste smoky and salty, which is not what I enjoy in Dragonwell. Certainly, my bias shows.

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The dry aroma is bergamot-central, and mixes enticingly with the black tea when steeped. Sips when the brew is extremely hot are not as rewarding, as the flavors seem to blossom when the tea cools slightly. If anything, the bergamot outshines the tea, and I crave a bit more “tea” flavor, although overall this mix is well balanced. Like most of the A&D teas, the linger is very pleasant, with no bitterness or harshness in the finish – as long as it isn’t allowed to cool too much. I don’t remove the tea while drinking, and while that can be dangerous with some, this is a tea that can handle over-soaking. Not too delicate, not too harsh – I’m a big fan of this one.

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Dry, this tea is like being smacked in the face with a bouquet of flowers. Once steeped the nose is still extremely floral, but there’s a calm sweetness and delicacy that invites a sip. On the tongue the floral sweetness is balanced well with a mellow green tea with no hint of leaf or bitterness. An enjoyable morning tea with clearly seperated flavors and easily drinkable. A light & airy finish with lingering sweetness.

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Dry tea is very smoky, smells like some good unflavored pipe tobacco. Smoky, campfire-esque, warm and woody aroma when steeped. Extremely smooth on the tongue, but can be overpowering if over-brewed. Flavor is very dark and complex, but not bitter. The taste is reminiscent of Thai iced tea. A smooth finish with subtle sweetness.

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