Big Leaf Sheng Pu'er 2006 Yang Ji Tian Yuan

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Pu-erh Tea
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Apple, Leather, Pleasantly Sour, Smoke, Wood, Bitter, Citrus, Green Apple, Lemon, Oak, Pine, Sour, Wet Wood, Barnyard, Earth, Menthol, Sweet, Tobacco, Creamy, Camphor, Cream, Honey, Mint, Pear
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Boiling 0 min, 45 sec 5 g 6 oz / 178 ml

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From Verdant Tea

A complex savory-sweet big leaf sheng with notes of orange citrus and multigrain bread. . . .

This incredible find exemplifies the bold, wild forest character of sheng pu’er pressed from large leaves. Even the smell of the tea dry is rich, sweet and commanding. The aroma of the wet leaf is the raw thick smell of fresh cut wood wet from the rain- saturated but clean. As you breathe in the aroma there is a honey-sweetness that is so strong you can actually taste it in the back of the throat.

The first steepings are a textural experience, with notes of crisp apple, and a light but persistant numbing sensation on the top of the tongue that you would normally get from clove or anise. As the flavor builds, it is reminiscent of the savory sweet balance you find in fresh baked multigrain bread.

The later steepings become intensely citrusy like juicy satsuma oranges in their peak season. The orange blends with a taste of crushed allspice and leaves a long lingering sweetness in the mouth. Aged since 2006, this cake already balances its wild intensity of flavor with a mature depth and sweetness.

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20 Tasting Notes

3294 tasting notes

There is a big pot of stew waiting for me, but after reading Bonnie’s Sheng post, I wanted some.

This is a super ‘clean’ tasting sheng, very mellow, with a nice energy about it. I already did a more extensive review, commenting on the tangerine peel flavor, so that’s all I’m saying.
I’m gonna relax & enjoy this for awhile.

Terri HarpLady

I’d like to add that after a few cups this developes kind of ‘french bread’ quality to it. It’s really interesting!


Oh shut up! I just had ginger beef so there, and french onion soup BAM! (So yesterday I wasn’t on Steepster, I was cooking all day!)
A nice pot of tea and kicks back! We have it good,don’t we!

Terri HarpLady

LOL, Bonnie! Yes, we have it good! Us old ladies know how to eat!
I spent 2.5 days cooking this stew, I’ll have you know! I started the soup bones tues night before bed & let them go, adding carrots & celery last night before bed. This morning I strained everything & added stew meat, gradually adding veggies throughout the day so they wouldn’t turn to mush: carrots, parsnips, celery, turnips, caramelized onions & garlic, green beans, fresh rosemary & bay leaf. Also crushed fire roasted tomatoes! My 7 Qt crockpot is full! I’ll freeze the leftovers & get to eat stew for awhile! I wish I could beam some over to ya!
Slow cooking! Real Food! That’s where it’s at!


Mine was cooked in the crock pot too with onions,fresh ginger,garlic,wine etc. (Browned the roast first). While it was cooking I made ginger syrup,ginger candy and vanilla orange balsamic poppyseed dressing. Later made French onion soup and salad. When we cooks get the bug, watch out!

Terri HarpLady

Yum!! I’m having dessert, which I rarely have, but I had one meyer lemon left on my little tree in the sunroom. That tree is blooming now, and the scent of the blossoms greets me everytime I come in the back door! So I needed to use that last lemon: meyer lemon custard, lightly sweetened with honey. It turned out really tart! I’ll eat a few bites & refrigerate the rest.


I’m on my way!

Terri HarpLady

What? You’re not here yet?
; )

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1186 tasting notes

So I am opening this tea sample as I have been explaining chaqi to my friend and we want to see if this sheng will show us some! This is also my first sheng, so I am pretty excited to taste this!

The dry smell is pleasantly of wood, a nice musty smell. The leaves are in beautifully pried off sheets, very nice job! I did two rinses, the first at 25 s and the next at 15. Then I poured boiling water into my gongfu pot and poured it out as quick as I could, probably around 6-7 seconds. The steeped smell is woody, with some kind of creaminess that I associated with scotch! A very pleasant smell, and no fishiness at all, I wonder if it is because it is a sheng, either way, I am very pleased with the scent!

The taste is very nice and mild, a woody musty taste with a bready mouthfeel, thick and satisfying. I am picturing a cellar stuffed with aged meats and fresh loaves, and barrels of wine. My friend says it reminds her of smoked meat, which I definitely can get from the smell and taste as well. There is a nice sparkling aftertaste as well, which I am enjoying. And yes, I feel a bit of the chaqi, maybe because I haven’t eaten dinner, but it’s an interesting feeling. Might also be that it’s a new tea and I’m excited about it!

Overall, I am very impressed with this tea. Maybe sheng pu’erh is the tea for me rather than shu. I will resteep this after I eat lol. Happy this was a success!!

ETA – This tea is really tasty and I have been enjoying a few more steeps today! Added rating as this has been my favorite pu’erh so far :)

Terri HarpLady

I also enjoyed this one!


It was very good, a nice start for shengs :) i think i will have a few more steeps tomorrow, didn’t get in as many as I wanted tonight lol


I’ve noticed that shengs aren’t really fishy, which definitely makes them more appealing to me!


Yes this one had zero fishiness, very happy with that! I will have to try to find the sweet spot with my shu, I have a lot more shu than sheng currently haha


Me too. I stopped buying shu from Verdant for the most part, and have recently focused on sheng. I have a lot of both though… luckily my mom likes pu’erh!

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97 tasting notes

I spent 4 days with this tea. It was 4 days of pure tea bliss where each steep was something new and something brilliant.

I somewhat deliberately overleafed this time around. I think I used around 7g.

1st Steep-30 seconds
Somewhat smokey but it’s more of a camphor or mint type of feel. There was also a crisp fruitiness on the finish. Like a green apple.

2nd Steep-45 seconds
Somewhat similar to the first steep with the camphor and smoke but much more apple and a bit sweeter. There is also a spicy note peaking through. A nice creamy finish.

3rd Steep-1 minute
Holy 3rd Steep! Apples, spices and a nice toasty note—-almost bread like. Is it possible to get a pie-crust note in tea? I’m also definitely getting cloves and nutmeg. Some cinnamon pops out every odd sip. There is also a citrus note in the background. Am I crazy to say this tastes like pie?

4th Steep-1.30 minutes
This is my second day with this tea and I still love it. Smells like honey and apples. Faint taste of heavy cream. Maybe some raw sugar. It’s also not mellowing out much.

5th Steep-2 minutes
Lots of honey and citrus. Apple is in the background. Creamy finish.

6th Steep-2.30 minutes
Sort of grassy. Apple crispness returned with a natural honey sweetness.

7th Steep-3 minutes
This is the 3rd day with this tea. It’s become like a friend of mine and there is very little fade so I am a bit convinced that I will be brewing this tea for the next week. This steep still had the apple but it was more starchy. Maybe a bit like jicama.

8th Steep-3.30 minutes
Honey and spices. The apple is gone but it’s still so tasty. I’ve been brewing this tea for 3 days and I am not ready to let it go yet.

9th Steep-4 minutes
Spicy note. Not so much the sweet sort of spice from the previous steeps but a spice I can feel. Like cinnamon. This steep is also a bit fruity.

10th Steep-4.30 minutes
The apple is back with a bit of lemon on the finish. I am shocked how well this tea stood up to 3 (almost 4) days of steeping.

11th Steep-15 minutes
I usually do one extremely long steep at the end to squeeze whatever flavor I can from the leaves. It worked well here. The apple pie taste is back but less aggressively. The bready note also re-appeared when the tea cooled down a bit.

This tea was amazing. Almost 4 days with it and not a single moment of boredom or wanting to try something else. The flavors jumped all over the place and each steep was a revelation in and of itself. I could have easily brewed this for another 10 steeps and not have minded at all. Such a beautiful sheng. I am so happy I bought a cake.

0 min, 30 sec

Wow, I didn’t know you could keep a tea going that long! I’ll have to try it sometime. Do you just leave it sitting in the pot when you’re not drinking it?

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709 tasting notes

Dry, this smells amazing. I am thinking of the horse barn at the exhibition but in a GOOD WAY. Sweet clean hay, damp wood, hard working animals and minimal stink. This is contrasting with the cow barn which always smelled much more of excrement. Blech. I have come to really enjoy the smell and taste of hay and damp wood in my teas, and trying to get into puerh seems like the logical next step for me and my tea journay. Black teas and roasty oolongs still make me a happy panda but puerh might offer me just a little bit more.

Because I am a puerh noob I have used a bit less leaf than I probably should have, but that’s okay. Coupled with 95 degree water, I am ready to dip my toes in. I am using my smallish gaiwan and very small double walled cups. I have also broken out my tea feet (tea pet) to get their tea on too.

First steep at 30 seconds. Because of my conservative leaf and temp, I figure I can up the ante on time. I am tasting this one, though I know typically the first steep is a rinse. Not much about this is typical though. The smell is strong and smoky, like tanned hide or salted meat. Smoked wood, tobacco. I am developing an appreciation for a smoky note so this is actually enticing. The flavour is sweeter than the smoke note led me to believe, and taste more like the initial smell – sweet hay, damp hide and a hint of salt. Perfectly drinkable though not my ideal cuppa. Much more earthy than sweet though.

Second steep at 45 seconds yields the same aroma of smoke and salt. The taste is much sweeter though, more sweet hay, less earth. Much nicer, though it tastes a bit light. This is very sippable, the contrast of the taste and the aroma is very interesting. The smoke really develops as the tea cools.

Third steep at 1 minutes results in a brew much like the second, only amplified. I am getting some floral tastes now. I didn’t get any fruit or spices before now but I hardly know what I’m doing and I’m okay with that. This is my favourite so far, the smoke is mellowing out and allowing the taste to dominate the aroma.

Will likely steep more later but taking a break to put together our corn chowder now. General impressions are that this is a nice tea, but not my favourite. Something to enjoy occasionally. Will try it more traditionally at some point (more leaf/less time) and see what I get. Might do a cup western style too.

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286 tasting notes

Thanks goes out to Dexter3657 for the sample of this tea!!

When I opened the package I felt like such a newbie…how do I deal with this pressed sample? I left it for a while, even though I was dying to slurp it up. I finally overcame my fear and broke off a piece (I know that this was not the correct way to get a piece).

The dry leaf aroma is fresh and woodsy. It reminds of walking through the ravine.

The brewed taste is light and nutty. I have not yet had any issues with pu’erhs -for me this one is on the lighter side, but still an excellent tea that was sweet, flavourful and mild. For those who are unsure or wary of pu’erhs this would be the one to start with. No fishiness or strange tastes.


Awesome!!! Glad you liked it. Verdant has amazing teas, I really liked this one, but there is something about Mandala Pu’erhs that is even better for me.

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836 tasting notes

Woodsy, slight fresh fish flavour. Smooth medium thick mouth feel.

Flavors: Wood

Boiling 1 min, 30 sec 13 OZ / 375 ML

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1040 tasting notes

I’m catching up on a note from my sheng adventure last night. I was trying sheng for the first time and fell in love with a silver buds raw. I am not experienced enough to understand if that’s just what sheng’s are like or if that one is special. So I make some of this for comparison.
I have nothing negative to say about this tea. It’s really nice. It tastes like pu’erh, earthy, woody, maybe even a little musty. This is stronger tasting that the other I tried, but it is still smooth and delicate. All in all I think this is a great tea, good for a beginner like me. If you are unfamiliar with pu’erh this would be a nice one to start with, it has all the familiar pu’erh essence without any of the nasty fishy scary stuff.

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81 tasting notes

This just another lovely tea courtesy of my lovely but finite bundles of notes hidden away…to age and mature to perfection much like this tea;) What I notice when I first opened the little dinky sample bag is the subtle but assertive eugenol aroma and maybe with hints spices that I can’t seem to identify. The standard goes with extreme earthiness, a deep metallic irony flavor, with some leather. Its quite crisp and almost velvety much like to a consistency of butter and maybe boiled vegetables, further steeping with the gaiwan yields a lighter but mellow earthy liqour with astringency on the back palate. A wonderful tea overall, though it may not compare to the bhenzang I’d just sampled weeks ago it has characteristics all to its own meant to be enjoyed in a timeless world. Cheers!

Note: I really didn’t notice the bread and apple notes from this tea as the description describes…either my tongue is all worn out and possibly numbed from those countless times i scalded my tongue or really I am not sharp enough to detail the notes. Whatever maybe the cause it still didn’t prevent me from enjoying this tea. Drink on tea lovers!

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1266 tasting notes

Smokey, sour, leathery, wooden barn dweller. I think I’ve enjoyed my cupboard’s shu selection more than my sheng puerh. Sour wood is good but it also gets a little boring after a while?

Flavors: Apple, Leather, Pleasantly Sour, Smoke, Wood


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71 tasting notes

Next up in the Verdant puerh sampler. Two quick five second rinses (still missing the puerh pick), and the big loosely packed leaves came apart easily. The dry leaves smell like pine trees. Tea soup is somewhere between amber and brown. This is only my second time trying a sheng.

1st 2 steeps: 5 seconds each with boiling water, combined in one bigger mug. I taste pine and smoke. The smoke is okay — it’s not too overwhelming, or ash-tray like. The pine lingers. It does taste clean. I like it far better than that mushroom-y 2014 Master Han sheng sample they sent me last year. I’ll see how this changes with more steeps.

Steeps 3 and 4 combined again, about 7 seconds each: The pine is now a lot stronger, and the smoke has subsided a bit. I also taste a little citrus — maybe a little lemon. Sharp, but not in a bad way. I do not miss the absence of dirt and earthiness. Am I more of a sheng person? I don’t know. I wouldn’t have thought so since I don’t care for green tea most of the time.

The lemon sticks around strongly in the roof of my mouth, like it would if I’d just sucked on a slice of lemon. Gets much woodier as it cools.

Others mentioned smoked meat notes. I haven’t noticed this yet, and I object strongly to tea that tastes like meat, so… We’ll see.

Steeps 5 and 6, 10 seconds and then 12 seconds, combined: As the leaves unfurl, they smell more smokey, but less smoke flavor seems to come through in the steeps. It’s really not at all sweet, but I’ve enjoyed it anyway because of the citrus-y notes. I’ve no idea how other tasters picked up apple notes, but maybe it has to do with the sourness that comes across to me more as citrus. So far, I have liked this tea. Would I recommend it? I mean, yes, I suppose so if you’re just looking for something to drink that’s nice and you have an unlimited budget? Me? I’ll look for something with some similar notes from somewhere else — and something with a touch more sweetness.

Steeps 7 and 8 combined, 15 and 17 seconds: Let this sit for a while. Ate lunch, absorbed the iron from my food and then came back to it. The cooled wet leaves actually do smell like apples, but the main smell seems to be smoke as soon as they’re heated back up. I can detect a little bit of apple flavor this time around. The lingering apple notes have now replaced citrus; that’s pretty cool.

Steeps 9 and 10, 25 and 30 seconds: Well, this one is definitely winding down. I may try one more steep with a bit more time and see if it yields anything. Not a great deal to report here, except my only Western-sized 8 oz. gaiwan just broke, so more teaware to replace! It chipped, really, because the sides were too hot and I dropped it on the table, so it might be okay for a little bit longer. Anyway… This one definitely changes through steepings more than any I’ve tried yet — it’s probably one of the most complex teas I’ve ever had.

On the whole, my Verdant puerh experience has gone from bad to a fair bit better. I didn’t like the one I expected to enjoy most, and this one is better than any of the others. I kind of wish they didn’t dominate my first ever samples of this type of tea, but actually this was a pretty decent sampler on the whole. Each tea has been very, very different, and I think I’m getting a better idea of what puerh can offer.

About 10 g. left. Enough for either 2 sessions or doubling up the leaf for one session — might do the latter because I’m curious what this is like with more oomph.

Flavors: Apple, Bitter, Citrus, Green Apple, Lemon, Oak, Pine, Pleasantly Sour, Smoke, Sour, Wet Wood, Wood

Boiling 5 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

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