Pina Colada Honeybush

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Fruit Herbal Honeybush Blend
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Coconut, Fruity, Honey, Pineapple, Sweet, Creamy, Rooibos, Wood, Sugar, Tropical, Butter
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200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 45 sec 14 oz / 407 ml

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From 52teas

Sweet African honeybush appears to be MADE for tropical flavors. Combine it with dried pineapple, unsweetened coconut flakes and a touch of rum flavor, and you’ve got a tea so soothing, relaxing and pleasing to the senses, that, like I wrote on the label, you ought to be required to sip it from a hammock on the beach.

This tea won 3rd place in the Flavored Herbal Teas category at the 2010 North American Tea Championships! **

About 52teas View company

At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

167 Tasting Notes

15131 tasting notes

yay for more tea that isn’t black today (though i suppose i DID have a couple..) This is another one that i quite enjoy though i do think that there have been blends that were WAY more my taste from frank in the past. That being said this is still tasty and still something i enjoy. I’m glad i got to try a blend from him that was award winning :)

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4843 tasting notes

I purchased this tea at the same time I purchased the strawberry matcha, but I haven’t tried it until today – so many teas, not enough time (nor does my bladder possess the wherewithal to drink as much tea as I’d like to!)

So I made some of this to enjoy with lunch.

It’s got a really nice, strong flavor. The honeybush seems well suited for flavoring, and I prefer it over rooibos, I’m glad that 52 Teas seems to have embraced honeybush as well. I like how the natural sweetness of the honeybush works so cohesively with the pineapple and coconut flavor. And as much as I enjoyed it as it was hot, I am finding it even more enjoyable now that it has cooled significantly… this will be a great tea for the summer – iced!


Boiling 8 min or more

I keep forgetting to make iced tea out of this one!! YUM okay adding it on my list of to do’s.

Southern Boy Teas

This and the Black Currant Bai Mu Dan are my top two favorite iced teas right now. Sooooo refreshing.


(nor does my bladder possess the wherewithal to drink as much tea as I’d like to!)… HAHA! Or my nervous system, or my stomach. I wish the rest of my body was as on board w/ this tea thing as my tongue- if it was, I’d live on matcha specifically.


I didn’t get the Black Currant Bai Mu Dan – but I did get the Spiced Pear that you released at the same time. I have been contemplating getting the Black Currant though. I haven’t even tried the Spiced Pear yet though! LOL I have so many teas that I haven’t tried yet!!!

Miss Sweet

This blend sounds amazing! And I’m definitely seeing more flavoured honeybush around now – I prefer it over rooibos too.


This is a great herbal blend and one that I need to try iced…LOL- I wish I had more time to drink tea and able to brew some fresh at work…


Ice Tea, woaps! Frank stop releasing new teas… I realized if I were to purchase each and every one of your teas that’d cost me $300-$400 a year… I’d go broke in no time. Sooo much to choose from!

Southern Boy Teas

LOL. You could always sign up for a subscription. The 52 week subscription is less than $1/day for a different tea every week.

By the way, I sort of doubled up on the honeybush blends, but just wait til you see what we’ve done for next week! O. M. G.


Ricky, if I drank Mayan Chocolate Chai as much as I wanted to (a 16oz serving per day), I’d spend about $360/year on chai alone- that’s not even factoring in my matcha and other tea habbits!


OK… Frank… I didn’t think I’d ever be asking you to do this… but could you PLEASE make another peanut butter blend? LOL That way I won’t be enticed to buy. I just placed an order with you (I found the neapolitan honeybush too interesting to pass up), and I can’t afford to place an order with you every week. Make something I’ll not feel the need to try. Like, how about a squid flavor or something?


I don’t know, LiberTEAS, that Tuna flavored one by 52Teas went over awfully well here in Steepsterville … LOL! You never know, raving reviews of squid flavor teas will have you buying some before you know it! HaHa


Lauren: Well, I did “buy” the tuna melt tea… but, I’m just not a squid kind of girl. Not so much.

You know what WOULD be good though… is a Cherry Garcia tea. Yum. Or… I also desperately want to try Zoomdweebie’s Grapefruit Green tea… but every time I visit the Zoomdweebie’s site I see that the tea is sold out…

but… don’t make those THIS next week. Or even the week after that. Make something I DON’T want to buy for the rest of this month. I can buy more teas in May. But, I’ve bought enough in April.


LiberTeas you should hold my credit cards while i hold yours? keep ourselves away from frank for a little bit :)


AmazonV – that would be an excellent idea! LOL I must not buy any more teas this month… I must not buy any more teas this month!


^ I must not buy anymore tea until 2011. Frank, if you see an order from me, you should just tell me my credit card has been declined =]


Frank, the same goes for me except in cases of matcha and Mayan Chocolate Chai lol.

Southern Boy Teas

ROFL. Yeah, you just go ahead and place your orders. I’ll be sure to cancel them for you. evil laugh.

@LiberTEAS I’m afraid next week’s tea is going to be a must have for a lot of people, I think. It is so awesome. I’m kind of itchy just waiting to post it Monday.

I’ve been trying to think outside the box a little here lately with regards to our subscription plans. I’m thinking about offering a monthly plan where you get to pick two of the blends we create in a month. What would you guys think of something like that?


Frank – The monthly plan would be AWESOME! It’d be perfect for someone like me, who has limited funds and therefore doesn’t want to invest in a subscription that includes things that we may not even want. I think a lot of people would say the same thing. I’d certainly go for the monthly plan.


Frank, you could always post it at Midnite on Sunday morning- I consider Sunday the 1st day of the week anyway:) Yes, I definitely would be interested in the choose 2 version. I LOVE that you create such amazing and insane blends, but that also means not every one is for me and I don’t want to invest in a plan that may land me w/ several pouches of tea that just isn’t my cuppa.


Frank, I would absolutely be interested in the pick two of the blends… as opposed to the weekly subscription. Sometimes there are blends that I might not be so crazy about (for example: peanut butter blends, squid blends, or split pea soup blends), but there is generally at least 2 teas a month that do interest me.


LiberTEAS, HAHA! I actually busted out laughing when I read your “split pea soup blend” comment… that’s exactly the reason I can’t get mom to try matcha- she says it looks like split pea soup=D


i am to fussy with flavors to even do a 2xmonth plan, sorry frank


Hey! I want the squid blend! Can’t we do prepaid plan =]


Pu Erh is already considered fishy:)


psssh, skip the squid it’s mediocre – EEL i want eel tea


eww… eel? How about a venison tea? Now that… might be interesting. (Now contemplating Frank attempting to locate freeze dried venison). Or how about hasenpfeffer tea?


LiberTEAS, if you want venison tea drink their smoky bacon… it’s more “jerkyish” than bacony.


I’m still hesitant on the smoky bacon… I’ve had the maple, liked it… but not so sure about the smoky.

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357 tasting notes

Good heavens, it’s been far too long. I mentioned in my last tealog that I might have to post a little less frequently in the next little while, but it ended up being for reasons entirely different than I originally anticipated. I thought I was going to be busy with school, but unfortunately I ended up getting sick. I thing it was the stomach flu, or some kind of stomach bug – it took me out for a few days. My stomach is feeling quite a bit better although I still find myself feeling tired very quickly. This past week I’ve been living primarily on soda crackers and club soda with a splash of honeybush tea mixed in. Choosing from my variety of 52teas honeybushes was the highlight of these past few days.

I’m finally able to drink plain tea again. But my club soda and honeybush teas have been such a blessing these past few days, that I thought I should write at least one tealog for one of them.

This pina colada honeybush is refreshing and sweet. The pineapple taste hits first and the coconut lingers in the aftertaste, but not in an overbearing fashion. I’m picky with coconut in teas, but this one is a winner for my taste buds. I find with a lot of these honeybush teas, that many of their flavors ring through more clearly as a cold tea. I’m not sure if that’s just something to do with my taste, but if anyone is finding that they are not getting the flavors that they were hoping for, give it a try as a cold tea and let me know if it works for you. I also find that 52teas honeybushes tend to taste better as I get further into the pack. I’m not sure if that’s because
1. the flavor cures as time passes?
2. when I scoop deeper in the pack I get a better blend of ingredients than my initial scoops?
3. I’m just plain coo-coo and I’m imagining it?

Whatever the reason, I find myself enjoying my 52teas honeybushes increasingly as time passes.

While I was sick I pretty much stayed in bed. I got my husband to send out a few emails on my behalf, but I must say that I’m happy to be back on Steepster. It was one of the first sites I checked in on when I started feeling better, well, other than placing another order with 52teas :D

(raises a mug) Cheers to good health!


Glad you’re feeling better!


Thank you Mercuryhime

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2977 tasting notes

cold brewed overnight in vanilla coconut milk for a cold, creamy treat. yum!

Iced 8 min or more
RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Sounds great…what were your measurements? I may want to replicate. Thanks!


honestly, it was about 3 Tbsp in about 2 cups milk for about 24hrs. But I’m sure it would be fine to halve all those amounts/times. It was a lazy sort of experiment….


I was trying to use up the milk. I actually only drank half tonight. It’s hard to say how much flavor was from the milk and how much the tisane, but it did somehow taste thicker and creamier than just the milk alone, which is a bit thin for my tastes. (For the record, it was “So Delicious” brand sweetened vanilla flavored coconut milk)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Great, thank you. If this happened a couple of says sooner I would still have some of that coconut milk left. Oh well, looks like I am buying more soon. :-)

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1112 tasting notes

I’ve been wanting to try this tisane since it was released, and I finally treated myself to a pouch over the holidays. Yay!

I will post this caveat before my review – I brewed it between crying for an hour over the PBS show Nature about the real story of Elsa the Lion from Born Free, and Downton Abbey, so my usual care in brewing was absent! I was stingy with the tea, and the time! I splashed too much half and half in it in my haste to hear the introduction to Downton, but…

OH this tisane is delicious!!!! It tasted creamy, rum not like in a drink but in a baked good, flaky coconut, a sweet pineappley flavor – but all swirled in creaminess – if that makes sense? The thing I liked best about it was that it was good to the last drop – I know a real Pina Colada is “too much” for me and by the middle I’m like UGH because of all the frothy creamy. I also love the honeybush base. Sweet and no wood/cigar (which would not work in a pina colada!).

I can’t wait to make it again under careful conditions! Because I use a little half and half I’m going to use 3 tsp of tisane for 16 oz water and let it brew for 6 minutes. I think that will be perfection.

I can see why this one won an award, 100%!!!!


I see a score there! 100!!!!


Oooh — I DVRed Downton and might get to it tonight. I’ve heard nothing but good things.


I really liked Downton – Dowager is my favorite character and I like the Earl too. I think it’s going to get better and better and more embroiling and OMG too!


I agree. Last night Downton made me over steep my genmaicha!
My brother swears Lady Mary is his coworker’s twin. Thank goodness edible popcorn takes care of itself or the night would’ve been snackless.


I greatly enjoyed Downton Abbey, too — very Upstairs, Downstairs. Lord Grantham even reminded me of Richard Bellamy! I was eating a late supper and drinking wine while watching last night’s ep, but I will plan to drink an appropriate tea during future installments.:)

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1501 tasting notes

My favorite of the 52 Teas honeybush blends. I’m on a hiatus buying anything from 52 Teas right now, however if this came again, it’s the only thing I’d consider breaking that hiatus for. Huge thanks to Janelle for selling me some so that I could stop hoarding!

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Do you find that the 52teas are good overall?

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6106 tasting notes

Sipdown! I remain ambivalent about this tea. I can taste the coconut and a tang of pineapple, but there’s too much base flavour for me to enjoy this. I am happily sending it off to Roswell Strange in the hope she will give it a better home than I :)

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1908 tasting notes

You know, I think I went the entire summer without drinking this tea. And that’s just wrong because this is so much a tea to drink iced on hot days. Today, however, was cold and rainy and I spent a day out in the (wet) grasslands for one of my courses, so I needed something to warm me up.

I experimented with this to make it more like a genuine pina colada – I sweetened with some agave nectar and added some milk – all it needs is some rum, which sadly I am lacking. The milk turned the tea a rather nasty greyish colour, but ignoring that it was really tasty, very much like a hot pina colada – sweet, creamy, and fruity. Delicious!

Boiling 8 min or more

Milk!!??!? o.O

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558 tasting notes

On the first day of Christmas Frank gave to me, Pina Colada Honeybush as the first tea.

I’m so excited about this sampler package! I opened my tea when I woke up at the ungodly hour of 3:30am to find out what kind it was. I was very happy to see this tea in the package. I haven’t had this in several months and am happy to be able to revisit it today, as my stash had run out.

This smells like a very fresh batch, as it smelled more strongly of rum than I remember, such a treat for the middle of December, especially when it is in the single digits in IL. I steeped this tea longer than recommended (10minutes) as I was doing too many household chores to remember my tea :( This tisane is still good at 10 minutes, but the woodsy rooibos flavors I don’t enjoy are much stronger when steeped at this amount of time. I’m glad I have a few more cups to enjoy.

I can’t wait to see what tea will be in tomorrow’s package!

Boiling 8 min or more

Woohooo, thanks for logging. I’m going to live through the 12 days of Christmas through you :D


Same here!!! I look forward to reading about each day and Frank – brilliant idea!!!

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788 tasting notes

Breville 750ml, 212, 7 min
2 tsp pineapple upside down, 2 tsp pina colada
1 tsp sugar per cup
smell: cherry pineapple, hints of coconut
taste: cherry, pineapple, hints of coconut, sweet
color translucent orange red

yummy, not really a vast improvement over each individually though

MilitiaJim couldn’t decide which to have, so I combined them

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

I bet that combo would be good iced.

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