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Their hometown audiences did not like the band so much because the band was trying too hard to appeal to American audiences. Two years later, MTV, a twenty-four music cable channel, gave the band their big break with their hit single from their 1981 album High n’ Dry called “Bringing on the Heartbreak” which marked the first heavy metal music video aired on MTV. In 1983, Def Leppard released their third Pyromania which had three singles that reached the top forty including “Photograph”, “Rock of Ages”, and “Foolin’”. The album became the second biggest selling album of 1983, only Michael Jackson’s Thriller album sold more copies. The Pyromania album would go on to become a juggernaut seller reaching diamond status and become one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all-time.

On New Year’s Eve 1984, Rick Allen, the drummer, lost his left arm in a car crash on the A57 highway just heading towards his hometown of Sheffield. Despite losing one arm, Rick Allen never gave up hope as he kept drumming with a custom electronic drum kit which he helped build. The band never had any success in their homeland, but that all changed for the better when Def Leppard released their fourth album Hysteria. it became one of the best selling pop albums of all-time with over fifteen million copies sold. In 1991, Steve Clark, the lead guitarist, died from an alcoholic overdose after years of fighting alcoholism. He would be replaced by Vivian Campbell as he still plays guitar for the band to this day. After a short while, Def Leppard waned in popularity because of the growing popularity of grunge and alternative rock during the early to mid 1990s.

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