Forever Tea House Edit

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Style Asian
Serves Iced, Bubble, Loose-leaf
Food Full menu, Snacks
Features Afternoon tea, Free wi-fi, High tea
Good For Groups, Dates, Meetings
Monday Closed
Tue Wed 12:00 PM 10:30 PM
Thursday 12:00 PM 11:00 PM
Fri Sat 12:00 PM 1:00 AM
Sunday 12:00 PM 10:30 PM

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1 Review

Forever Tea House in Mississauga, ON
Indigobloom rated this place
and said Edit

This is the shop my friends and I have been frequenting for years. It’s a lovely little place that feels homey. It’s not fancy or sophisticated.
You can go there and study, sit for hours and chat, or just stop in for takeout. Whatever the case, if you are a regular there… the shop owner, Nelson, will make you feel right at home. He doesn’t speak much English but that only adds to the charm, in my opinion!
It’s mostly just Nelson who runs the place. Way back when it first opened and bubbletea was new to Canada, the place was seriously hopping. On a Friday night, there was a lineup out the door.
However, a few branded competitors opened up and stole much of the business. It’s sad, but most patrons want to flashy decor and gimmicky teas. Myself, I prefer this place.
Then the recession hit and almost put the shop under. The shop owner had to let all his staff go, and ran the place pretty much by himself. That was a shame, because not only was he hurting financially, I’m sure… but the tapioca balls were consistently bad. They take a long time to make, and need to be watched carefully to get them right and even then they don’t stay fresh for long(have you ever tried making bubbletea? It’s not easy!). I’m not sure what the issue was, probably that he couldn’t afford to make a new batch every time they went soggy, but the “tap” was terrible! like drinking half made jello.
Those days are behind us now, and I’m relieved to say that the tap is back and yummy as ever!!!
and the food, ohhh the food is okay to. Not fantastic, but good quality and very satisfying. A little salty for my tastes but I use no salt in my cooking, or maybe a pinch when necessary so take from that what you will.
Not to mention, where else can you get a tea egg, cooked and ready to eat, served for 75c??? with a side of bubbletea?!