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Serves Chai, Iced, Loose-leaf

This place has closed :(

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Teavana in Burlington, Massachusetts
Michelle rated this place
and said Edit

There are two Teavanas within about 30 minutes of me – this one, and the one in Natick, MA. I’ve generally found the staff at this Burlington location to be pushier than the one at Natick.

I usually let the staff show me around and give me their pitches; I go in with an idea of what I want to purchase, but I’m open to suggestions. I was in there one time looking for a few teacups and a little bit of tea to send in care packages. There were three or four employees in the store – what looked like a manager behind the counter, training a new employee; an associate behind the bar showing teas to a customer; and another girl who was showing a couple some teapots. I was browsing.

When the girl finished showing the couple teapots (don’t remember if they bought or not) she came over to me, asked what I was looking for. I said teacups for a gift. I didn’t really need or want her help, but she was nice and we chatted a bit.

Another customer walked in, and she left me to browse. I selected a few cups at about the same time she finished with her customer. I walked up to the counter to pay, expecting the girl who helped me to give me a hand, as she was now free. However, as I got to the counter, the manager training the newbie says, rather harshly, “I’ve got this.”

I felt uncomfortable with this, but I didn’t say anything. When I requested teas, the manager tried to sell me more teas – nothing I was buying was for myself, so I had a very specific list. She tried to over-fill the bags and tried to tack extra teas on, saying that the ones I was buying were “really only good in blends.”

Because that’s really what how you want to be selling things – our blended teas aren’t good unless they’re blended with each others – what?! No.


I think I’ll stick with the Natick Teavana for now.