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Mamecha Edit

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Style Asian

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Photo submitted by Hinagiku
Photo submitted by Hinagiku

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Mamecha in Berlin, Berlin
Hinagiku rated this place
and said Edit

Mamecha is a cute and little tea and coffee house; I was here last year while I was visiting the city. Principally they serve drinks and desserts, but that seemes they serve also lunch. You can find coffee, cappuccino, coffee/cappuccino soy, japanese teas, biscuits, cakes. I sincerely don’t remember exactly which japanese teas they have but I can mentioning Hojicha, Sencha, Genmaicha…and Fukamushi-cha! It was the first time I heared about Fukamushi-cha and I tried it: it was first love! They served the tea in a little kyusu teapot with a little japanese cup and a paper with instruction about the infusion (but only in japanese and german language). I couldn’t understand what I should do so I just leaved the tea in infusion for few minutes and drinked it. This tea was great: it’s like the taste of Sencha, but moooore sweet. Certainly a great quality of tea. I enjoiend drinking and discovery Fukamushi-cha. There was also some tea which they served and teaware on sale.