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Lavender Lounge Tea Company Edit

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Lavender Lounge Tea Company in San Clemente, California
The Cookie Lady rated this place
and said Edit

I think my expectations for this place were a little high. I didn’t see many blends that were interesting or looked like something I’d buy. You could purchase 3.5oz tins of loose leaf for around $16 or get any of their teas made into a to-go hot or iced tea right then. I tried Tea Street (black tea with peach and apricot) and thought it was pretty standard. The person I was with tried Mojito something or other (I think this was green tea with lime and mint) which he absolutely loved and I absolutely loathed (but I think whatever mint was used is not agreeable with my taste buds).

The atmosphere is nice. It’s very casual. There’s a lot of seating…to the point that it feels a little cramped, especially if there had actually been people sitting in the seats.

One thing that is a little bit different here is that you can order your to-go tea sweetened/flavored with something called Choobies, which were basically little cubes of coconut jelly. They seemed to be similar (if not exactly the same) as the kind of flavored jellies you can get at Asian boba places. Anyway, they were okay but added an additional $1 to your tea price.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t buy tea here but would visit it as often as I might visit a place like Starbucks for iced tea.