4 Tasting Notes

drank Bancha (Ban Cha) by Hime
4 tasting notes

Smooth, pleasant astringency, nice yellow-green color. The aroma is a ever so slightly floral green. I get two steepings from one pot, however the second is somewhat inferior but drinkable.
This is a nice “everyday” tea, it never bores me.

165 °F / 73 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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This is my mainstay tea. I make a thermos of it every day. Sometimes come home at lunch and do a second steep on the leaves with good results (slightly cooler water on second steep – around 170).
Robust, nice astringency. Smokiness without being overpowering.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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From my frozen stash.
I thawed the tea out before steeping. (For about the time for boil and cool to proper temp)
Used about 3.5 oz. of water.
Poured it out of the kyusu in the method recommended by Dens Tea (a little at a time)
Probably need to speed this part up because the tea had a bitter/astringent character not normally found in early teas.
Rich “green” aroma, heavy umami finish with the astringency noted earlier.
Second pot with a bit more water and faster pouring yielded a nicer cup.
I guess the lessonl is that if you want color – pour slow but you’ll have a bitter cup.

160 °F / 71 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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drank Sakura Sencha by Den's Tea
4 tasting notes

I froze a package of this tea from the spring.
Because it is frozen in the bag – the aroma is not there.
I let it thaw out in the brewing vessel (kyusu) while the water boils.
Been steeping one rounded teaspoon in approx 3 oz of 180F water for 45 seconds on the first steep.
160F and 45 seconds for subsequent steepings (I manage to get four good steepings from the pot this way.

First cup has wonderful, delicate cherry aroma, and I agree with ~lauren, the flavor is sencha (balanced between sweet and bitter), with minimal umami tones, and a buttery finish.

The subsequent steepings are a sencha flavor, slightly less intense and just a trace of cherry aroma. The buttery quality in the finish diminishes with each steeping.

I love this tea.

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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