As far as teas that taste exactly like what they are intended to mimic, this one totally hits its mark. The package says no additional sweeteners are necessary, but I’m the habit of adding milk/cream and sugar in everything. I did sip it first, and was mostly overpowered by cinnamon but not a lot of sweetness. I think it would actually be better without the milk, but my picky tastebuds love some extra sugar.

I can taste hints of clove that remind me of a strong chai, but overall I think this reminds me most of Celestial Seasonings “Tiger Spice” (which I’ve taken to calling tiger blood, lol) only taken down a few notches on the strongness front. Tiger spice is way more overpowering and so strong it makes me feel the need to sneeze. Cinnamon bear gives me a nice mix of that cinnamon flavor without being too overwhelming. It’s definitely not subtle by any means, but with a couple spoons of sugar it’s pretty awesome. next time I’ll do without the milk, because I think it adds a weird flavor note that doesn’t go well with the cinnamon, but for those who may find this too strong, a bit of cream or milk might help. I’m not sure if a different kind of milk might work better with this tea (almond? coconut?) but I will experiment a bit.

Overall, I like it and if you’re a fan of tiger spice but think it may be too strong, try this one. Its totally like biting into a cinnamon bear gummy.

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