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The taste is nice, but I’m not too fond of the type of white tea they used for some reason. Maybe the peach is a bit too strong. I tried this tea called Beijing Sunset sold by Sun Yat Sen Garden in Vancouver, and was hoping it would taste the same but the peach taste was more realistic and less acidic in that one.

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it has a very strong almond scent and flavour. so if you like almond you’ll like it, if not stay away. it is reminiscent of marzipan, but you can also catch the coconut flavour too. it’s good for a dessert tea probably, and for a pick-me-up in mid afternoon.

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I love this tea. $69 for one pound. very good quality, the colour brews to a golden yellow, and the flavour… different from any other tea i’ve had before. i like the coconut and fruits, it adds depth and richness but isn’t fruity really, just very very nice. intoxicating even. :-)


I agree…Beautiful name and Beautiful Tea!

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