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Rooibos tea is wonderful as a matcha, or powdered form of the tea. The whole tea leaf is ground into a powder that dissolves in liquid, just like the green tea matcha we are familiar with!
I love Japanese green tea matcha but due to the caffeine content, I cannot drink it at night. Matcha is so easily digested that all the goodness of the leaf is converted into instant energy!
Rooibos has even more antioxidants than green tea yet it does not have the energy blast that can keep a person wide awake at bedtime. It actually possesses a calming effect and can even help cure an upset stomach.
My new tea to drink at nighttime is rooibos matcha, or red matcha. It is VERY difficult to find and it is about the same price as ceremonial grade green tea matcha from Japan. It is worth every powdered granule, just like any good matcha.
The funny thing is about the red matcha is that it has a different smell to the dry tea than what it tastes like. I was ready to sweeten with sugar and flavored agave syrup…but none of that was necessary, the tea is naturally sweet.
It is prepared like you would prepare green tea matcha, just under boiling and whisked to a froth (if you like froth) or a hand-held mixer is convenient.
One way to indulge in rooibos red matcha is to create a delicious dessert latte with milk. Add the matcha powder to hot milk, or even better use an espresso machine milk steamer or foamer to heat the powder and milk. Before the milk steaming or foaming, add the powder to the milk with sugar or agave syrup, honey or stevia. A flavored syrup can even be used for a unique twist. Then foam with the steamer until the mixture is frothy and hot.
I like to transfer it into a different mug and pour out the liquid, holding the foam back until you can pour it just sit on top, decorating your creation. And there you have it! A delicious red matcha latte. SO DELICIOUS! I put a little vanilla agave syrup into my latte and it tasted like a marshmallow drink! The color was a gorgeous burnt orange and it did NOT last long. I had to make another mug of that and vowed to stop drinking the red tea matcha lattes so my supply of the red matcha would last!
I love to drink it as a breakfast tea, it is wonderful to drink any time of day.
I have tried the red matchas from the only 3 companies I can find who sell it in powder form, and my favorite is this http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/red-matcha.html and they deliver pretty fast.
The only think is, once you try it you may find that if you purchased a small bag…you are making plans to get more the second time.
A diet rich in the nutrients and antioxidants supplied in green tea and rooibos can work wonders for your skin and overall health, not to mention your well-being.
Red matcha made from rooibos is a soothing matcha that can be drunk at night, it is delicious and nature is providing you with healthy nutrients that your body needs.
I am glad I have this red matcha to add some interest to my evening tea, I was getting bored of chamomile and the usual Sleepytime type teas.
If you like Japanese green tea matcha, you will love the red matcha as well! If you have never tried the green tea matcha, no worries! The red matcha is it’s own unique experience.
If you do not like the green tea matcha, you may like the red matcha from rooibos, it does not have a bitter or astringent taste, it is naturally sweet and you can even add your own natural sweetener to it for a real treat.
Please try the red tea, it is a perfect gift for the tea connoisseur or the person who enjoys natural and delicious beverages.

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