beginner Pu-erh and oolong

Im new here and new to Pu-erh.
i have been drinking coffee and store tea bags for many years.
a few years ago i tasted a jasmine tea at a friend.
after that i started buying some tea´s from shops in Denmark.
got a jasmine peal tea and some mini Pu-erh.
im ready to move on to other and better tea´s, i have been looking on sites to find some tea to buy.
but there are A lot of tea, and i have no idear what to buy.
Id like to get some good Pu-erh and some oolong.
im thinking to spend 80-100 euro on some samples to taste some different tea´s.
any one that can help find some good tea and where to buy, easiest in EU.

best regard Dennis

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Hi Dennis,
welcome to Steepster.
I don’t know how preicese are Danish customs; but check out British What-Cha; and get some samples.
Another good opinion to get some pu-erhs is White2Tea, which is Chinese vendor. I have started with their Waffles and it was a good introduction to shu puerh. Generally speaking, it’s better to read notes and think about it. If it is up to your tastes, or not, or if it sounds interestiong to you.

Also, interesting teas from Germany (no customs duty) are from

Overall, I can just suggest trying and trying… and you will see.

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