Looking to reinvigorate my Kitchen with a new kettle

Ok, so here’s the deal. It has come to my attention that my Keurig isn’t making the best water. Or really the best anything these days. So I’m going to likely get a new K-cup machine. However, I also want a proper variable temp kettle to go with it. I’m trying to spruce up my tiny kitchen, and my Breville is just too big to fit in there with even a tiny Keurig. So does anyone have any ideas for a good variable temperature kettle? I have my eye on the Cuisinart one, but it’s a bit pricy. I’m on a budget.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The sturdiest one I’ve found, and have been using for a couple of years, is this one on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MS8029C (COMFEE’ Kettle-MK-17G01B-E5 (BPA Free), 1.7L Fast Glass Boiler Hot Water Kettle with LED Indicator Light, Rapid Boil Cordless Teapot with Tea Infuser, 1.7, Black/Silver) $49.99

I love it more than my old Cuisinart, which lasted under a year and cost more than twice as much!

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Inkling said

I’ve had a great experience with an older version of this one: https://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-41004-Gooseneck-040094410040/dp/B0743V5CMT/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=temperature%2Bcontrol%2Bgooseneck%2Belectric%2Bkettle&qid=1583005196&s=home-garden&sr=1-7&th=1 Despite the low price, I’ve found the quality to be excellent…it’s lasted me for years with daily use!

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