Chlorine in water

I’m having problems brewing up tea lately. I’m worried I’m drinking too much chlorine in my tap water, as a water test a few months ago said WAY too much chlorine is in the water. Chlorine is not something anyone should be drinking larger amounts of. So until I get a new good sink filter, the internet tells me to boil water for 20 minutes to get the chlorine out through the bubbles. This might work for drinking water (it tastes a ton better, just drinking it as water in a glass), but I think it might be making my teas weaker tasting, if I’m boiling the water for 20 minutes. So I don’t know what to do so that I’m not drinking as much chlorine or ruin my teas. Pouring bottled water into my tea kettle is not feasible for the amount of tea I drink. What should I be doing?
Otherwise, if you know of a great water filter for the sink that works for you, let me know. Thanks

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Basically, I’m asking if you have a water filtering system you like … that you think is doing a decent job (under sink, over sink), please let me know what it is. I don’t want to buy something that doesn’t actually filter the water.

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AJ said

It’s a common belief that the amount of air dissolved in water makes a difference to how ‘flat’ a tea may taste, so after boiling it for 20 minutes to remove chlorine, I’d consider… Well the best way to aerate water is to just agitate it, shake it a lot. Which sounds silly, but that’s pretty much what you’re doing when you aerate the water in a fishtank.

At least until you find a good filter.

Thanks Aj – but not sure if I want to shake boiling water around. haha

AJ said

Good point. I figure more making up ‘batches’ of dechlorinated water before hand, allow them to re-aerate, and then have those ready to boil for tea. I guess it depends on if you have some good jugs around (used to keep old milk jugs for storing clean/distilled water in case of emergency when I was younger).

I don’t know… I think boiling it twice would also take the oxygen out of it?
I’m realizing now that I initially was waiting for the water to cool too long after boiling a pot of water, which might have been making my teas taste weaker. They are now much better tasting after I’ve been adjusting the time I’m steeping.

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