2018 Tea Reflections

Back when I used to have a Wordpress tea blog, I did one of these for 2017… I left that site to join Steepster but I found that post really enjoyable and figure it would make a fun discussion topic for the community!

Whenever a new year comes around, “Best of” and “Worst of” lists tend to pop up around the web, so it is a good time to reminisce, isn’t it? Feel free to share what your “tops” or “bottoms” of 2018 would be in any of these “categories”, or feel free to make up your own!

Favorite / Least Favorite Black Tea
Favorite / Least Favorite Flavored Black Tea
Favorite / Least Favorite Chai
Favorite / Least Favorite Pu-erh
Favorite / Least Favorite Green Tea
Favorite / Least Favorite Flavored Green Tea
Favorite / Least Favorite White Tea
Favorite / Least Favorite Flavored White Tea
Favorite / Least Favorite Oolong
Favorite / Least Favorite Rooibos/Herbal
Favorite / Least Favorite Iced Tea
Favorite / Least Favorite Bagged Tea
Favorite Tea Shop Visited in 2018
Favorite Tea Experience in 2018

Anything else you feel like sharing looking back on your last year of tea-drinking?

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Some of my favourite teas I tried for the first time in 2018. in no particular order:

Foggy Coconut – 52Teas
Earl Grey – Wize Monkey
2008 Vintage First Spring Harvest Ripe – Bana Tea Company
Coconut Oolong – Tao Tea Leaf
2018 Arbor Red – White2Tea
Kumquat Cucumber Chutney – 52Teas
Ginger Cola – 52Teas
Cherry Cola – The Necessiteas
Crisp Cranberry Soda Green Rooibos – 52Teas
Cilantro Gimlet – A Quarter To Tea
Houjicha Powder – ETTE Tea
Spring 2014 Drunk on Red with Snow Chrysanthemum – Yunnan Sourcing
Brew-Of-Ten – Banff Tea Co.
Pineapple Mojito – Wild Tea Kombucha

Probably others too, but just skimming through the thousands of tasting notes I’ve done from this year those were the ones in the first sixty pages that popped out to me.

I also visited Camellia Sinensis in person for the first time, which was AMAZING! As far as “DAVIDsTEA” life is concerned, I relocated across the country and started my new job in the lab which was an INCREDIBLE experience and I am loving it thus far!

DT Specific highlights for me would be Rhubarb Cream Soda and Peach Mai Tai, which were probably my favourite new teas for all of 2018. I also really liked Berry Burst from the Cold Brew collection. Basically, IMO, the best teas from DT this year came out in the summer. We also brought back Apple Custard, which is one of my all time favourite blends from DT as well so I was super stoked about that!

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Leafhopper said

Here are my picks for 2019. I’ve included only the teas I drink a lot of, which basically means blacks and oolongs.

Favourite black teas: Taiwan Yu Chi Assam by What-Cha, Bai Ye Varietal Black Dan Cong by Yunnan Sourcing

Favourite flavoured black tea: Cinnamon Chai by Teakruthi

Favourite Darjeeling: Rohini Golden Buds Second Flush by What-Cha

Favourite oolongs: 2019 Spring Shan Lin Xi by Floating Leaves, 2018 Zhangshu Hu Ali Shan by TheTea

Favourite herbal: Peppermint by Zen Tea Life

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