6 Tasting Notes

drank Gold Rush by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

My taste buds are singing but my wallet is crying. I bought 50g of this and I already want a tin. Brewed it this morning for 6 minutes and the smell alone made me drool. I drank it unsweet and it was so naturally sweet and caramelly… such a happy start to the morning! I picked the mulberries out of the strainer afterwards and they were equally as sweet and delicious. This is right up there with Milk Oolong, and I think it might even take the cake as my new favorite tea.

Excited to try it iced (although I have a feeling this is going to be a strictly hot tea) and as a latte.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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drank Long Life Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

So I bought 25 g of this and didn’t really love it. Iced was way better than cold for sure but today on the LAST bits i decided to throw in some soy milk with it while it was iced. It’s like a stroke of genius and soooo delicious I can’t even bear to throw away the leaves because I want to drink more and more. Might have to keep a little of this in my stash for those creamy, peachy days in the summer.

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This is one strange tea. It smells bright and refreshing and not sickly lemon or cleaner lemon, but like real lemons! The color is so happy too.

On the advice of the sales girl, I brewed it in a T-sac and a dark mug to avoid staining. I added a little raw honey to taste. While its brewing, the smell mellows out considerably and smells kind of like Indian cooking. Nonetheless, I took a leap of faith and drank some!

YUM. The lemon taste from the dry leaves really pops out and it tastes refreshing and energizing even though it’s rooibos! It has a little aftertaste of cooking still but it’s really good.

Second steep… not so great… it REALLY tastes like cooking now BLECH.

It’s a great tea and its worth trying but I can’t imagine repurchasing it unless its for health reasons.

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

Hmm this tea is weird. It steeps to a nice pretty color and smells delicious, but wen I drink it straight without anything… there’s not much flavor. BUT. Add a little honey and it’s transformed into a juicy, lemony, berry deliciousness! I tried it hot which was not very good but poured over ice is amazingggg. Like everyone else said, it’s thirst-quenching and I chugged my glass down after mopping the floors at work.

My one issue is the weight/bulk of it. I bought a 50g bag to try and after making one cup a little less than half the bag was gone! it’s pretty expensive for what you get, maybe David’s should sell this one differently but that’s just my opinion.

I think I’m gonna try mixing this with Perrier for a study drink/treat.

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drank Orange Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

So I’m on a caffeine “cleanse” (I miss my oolongs… 2 weeks to go) and I picked this up the other day. Dry, it smells like cough syrup to me but then again, I think that about most rooibos teas so I bought 50g to try. I tried it both hot and cold.

Hot: It was pretty good. Very smooth, mellow flavors and it’s definitely relaxing. I drank some before bed and it had me nodding off. It tastes a little cough syrupy when it’s hot, but it’s not a horrible taste somehow!

Cold: YUM. this tasted like a creamy, orangey bubblegum! Weird I know but somehow it works and it’s sooo delicious when cold with a little honey. Tastes like happiness in a cup :)

Next, I’ll try it as a latte. Yay for new tea discoveries.


Yow, good luck with the cleanse! It can be rough…


Its been two weeks! I’m sleeping much better and I don’t really miss it much except for my oolong teas :( The first week was so painful I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. Doesn’t help that I work at a coffee shop LOL


How long are you doing this for? Is it something you decided to do for yourself or is it some kind of program you’re following?

I’m asking because I had a rooibos blend last night (very unusual for me) and no real tea, and today at work at around noon-ish or so I had a bit of a sleepy crisis. Actually had to go and buy me some sort of sugary sweet so as not to fall asleep on the keyboard. I wonder if these two things might be connected, and that if I can’t get through even half a work day, even though I’m drinking tea at work, then maybe I ought to have a closer look at my caffeine intake.


I decided to do it for a month! I’m doing it for myself… like you I started to realize the effects that caffeine was having on me (as in, couldn’t function without haha). I went completely cold turkey and I’ll admit the first week, I just wanted to quit and I felt like a drug addict sniffing coffee beans and stuff to tide myself over.

It used to be REALLY hard for me to fall asleep, stay asleep and feel rested in the mornings. Truth be told, I’m on my secondish week and only now is my sleep schedule starting to readjust and I’m finally feeling rested in the mornings.

I wish I could cut caffeine out altogether but for me it’s not possible because my favorite teas contain caffeine but this has definitely helped me reevaluate what I’m putting into my body. I’ll definitely try and control my intake to maybe just in the morning or something because this whole experience has really opened my eyes to my dependence on caffeine (as cheesy as that sounds :P) Hope I helped!


Interesting. Maybe I’ll attempt something similar for myself. Especially now that I know there’s at least one rooibos that I don’t dislike. It would be nice to be able to visit my parents for a weekend and not have a low-level headache for most of the time because of the drastically reduced caffeine intake. (May also be liquid intake in general though. I’m not always good at drinking my water if I can’t have it tea-flavoured)

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drank Mom's Apple Pie by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

I reaaallllyyyy hate this tea. I bought it based on the smell but the taste is just sour apple and yuckiness. I tried adding milk to see if it would taste better… but it tasted ten times worse. Sad. And Im stuck with a whole tin of it. Anyone wanna swap? :P

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