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April Sipdown Alphabet Challenge: “Z” Tea
This one I thought had the best flavor out of the ones I’ve tried. I still need to try the lemon one though. It’s a very sweet (stevia-sweetened) tea. The sweetness kind of overpowers the raspberry but I think these would be quite refreshing during the hot summer days.


Congrats on making it to Z!

Lexie Aleah

I didn’t have one for X but thanks! (:

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National Peach Cobbler Day! Sipdown Challenge
I opened this before I even realized it was Peach Cobbler Day to have during my class this morning. I woke up late and didn’t have time to brew anything other than a matcha teabag. The peach was pretty mellow here compared to the stevia. I think this is my least favorite I’ve tried of their bottled iced teas so far. I really liked the raspberry one and the blood orange earl grey was good too. They are very stevia heavy in flavor so definitely not the best option if you don’t like stevia. I actually had quite a few peach teas I’d been meaning to drink today but want to limit my caffeine. So I’m gonna just stick to a few likely.

Flavors: Sweet

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